Machu Picchu by Keegan Cook

When I learned that we were going to Machu Picchu, I assumed that we would just see the mountain and the ruins surrounding it. But when the day came to finally visit, I never would have imagined all of the other beautiful sights I would see on the way. The hostel we were staying in was nice and in the middle of a very scenic and touristy town called Aguas Calientes.

When we got to Machu Picchu we went on a hike up to one of the peaks called Sun Gate. It was an hour and a half hike. This peak had a great view of the landmark itself which let me see everything.

Machu Picchu was way hotter than what me and my friends thought it would be and we soon became drenched in sweat.

Machu Picchu had the smell of a big forest with lots of trees. The mountains surrounding the landmark were covered in tropical trees that seemed to never end. Machu Picchu was a fun experience and it is nice to say I have finally been there.

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  1. What a hike! Personally, of the 4 theories they told us about the purpose of Machu Picchu, I go with the spiritual retreat purpose.

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