Cord Motor Company. Jack’s Fifth Avenue, & Westward Bank all expected to announce massive layoffs today

The above three companies are currently experiencing major financial issues and are currently in full cost-protective measures. In fact, Cord Motor Company is expected to declare bankruptcy as soon as tomorrow.

-AMDG 13 Daily Stock Market Summary

Tuesday lunchtime presentation – ALERT

Did you hear about human trafficking during a workshop?  Interested in learning more??? Human Trafficking: Look Beneath the Surface It is estimated 27million people are currently held in slavery.  These individuals are forced into labor and commercial sex.  This presentation offers a basic orientation to human trafficking, assess when participants might encounter victims of human […]

Summit Field Trip This Friday!!!!

Summit Fieldtrip this Friday! Join Ms. Gallagher, Mr. Cullen and Mrs. Baldwin for a visit to the Macehualli Day Labor Center for our 1st Summit Fieldtrip this Friday!  We will leave right after school and be back no later than 4:30pm.  Lunch included!  All students wanting to go must have a permission to travel […]

Workshop Day: What Worked and What Didn’t

Any discussion about Workshop Day is inherently difficult — 36 different speakers were on campus and each of us only had the chance to see 3 of them. At least 900 of you will experience another Summit, so without getting into speaker specifics, thoughts on what types of workshop speakers were appealing and which speakers […]

The AMDG 13 Stock Market (Based off of Job Fair Companies)

is now up! It is under the activities tab. Make sure you check it daily to see how your employer is faring in the AMDG 13 Stock Market.

An Important Question

To everyone to debate… A major question that affects both economics and globalization and is one of the hotter issues in world trade today… Is free trade or fair trade the answer to ending corporate exploitation?  Or, is there an even more viable option out there?

Workshop Day

Hello everyone, I attended some great workshops today, and was quite grateful of the caliber of speakers willing to present.  Clint Hickman from Hickman Eggs was my favorite. Here are two thoughts of mine so far that I would love to see some replies containing your thoughts on: During today’s opening talk, the contentious topic of global […]

Mission Statement

Economic growth and globalization touch individuals on local, national, and global scales. In light of this reach, the Brophy community seeks to examine the deeper reality and impact such globalization has on peoples and communities. Students will be challenged to consider how globalization affects the dignity and rights of the human person in the present and into the future, with particular attention paid to the effects of globalization on the poor.