Workshop Day

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 

For the 2018 Summit Workshop Day, local and national speakers have been invited to share their stories, their expertise and their passion with Brophy students, faculty and staff. We are thrilled at the number and caliber of workshops we are able to offer this year.

Students and teachers will be asked to sign up for three workshops total. Space is limited for each workshop and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. All workshops will be offered during each of the three rotating workshop periods unless otherwise noted.


Period 5 8AM – attendance and organize schedules
Assembly 8:20 – 9:20AM – gymnasium
Workshop 1 9:25-10:10AM
Break 10:10-10:30AM
Workshop 2 10:35-11:20AM
Workshop 3 11:30-12:15PM
Period 5 reflection/sharing/discussion period in classrooms


  • Keynote #2 – Ms. Elizabeth Murphy – Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center – Seattle
    Ms. Elizabeth Murphy is the program coordinator and publication editor for the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center. The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center acts for justice in the church and in the world. IPJC is sponsored by twenty-two religious communities and collaborates with Catholic, ecumenical, interfaith and other organizations in carrying out this mission. Ms. Murphy coordinates current programs and awareness campaigns that seek to directly serve women who are victims of human trafficking.


  • Brophy will host over 30 presenters/organizations who are connected to the realities of the commodification of the human person. Presenters will offer insights and solutions to the issues of labor and sex trafficking, the economy and modern slavery, the effects of pornography, and how the law, politics, media, and Catholic Tradition can help solve these issues of dehumanization. Some agencies visiting for Workshop Day are listed below.
    ASU School of Social Work
    Streetlight USA – PHX Dream Center
    University of Arizona – School of Nursing
    Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center
    Angels Go to Work
    Fountain of Hope
    Catholic Charities Community Services
    Red Light Rebellion
    Arizona Human Trafficking Council
    B3 Strategies
    Humanity United
    The Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family
    SAFE Action Project
    Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center
    CEASE Arizona
    IHM Sisters of Tempe
    Arizona Border Patrol
    Phoenix Vice


Workshop Descriptions:

Presenter Title Description
Savannah Sanders How It Happens to You 1st person account of being sold into sex slavery
Georganne Gilis The Commodification of Young Girls The effect of porn on adolescent girls
Ryan Hubbell Porn & Popular Culture Analyzing pornography’s role in popular culture
Kim Smith Arizona Tax Credits for Trafficking Victims? Learning how the tax system can channel support to those trying to rebuild their lives after being exploited.
Brian Steele Addressing Sex Trafficking: Why Men Should Care and How They Can Help? How can men be more proactive about ending the problem of sex trafficking
John Fraleigh, BSN, RN, CFRN Trafficked – How sex trafficking takes place in plain sight Discuss how common sex trafficking is and where it’s taking place

Explain how someone can become a victim of human trafficking

Identify who is at greatest risk of becoming a victim

Discuss what to do if human trafficking is suspected

Elizabeth Murphy Trafficking and Your Technology The reality of smartphones and other technologies and their connection to human trafficking.
Shanna Parker From Criminal to Victim to Survivor Participants will learn why it is easy to fall prey to traffickers and why it is not easy to “just leave” the life. Barriers to help will be discussed and participants will learn what they can do to be aware community members.
Susan Stacey Living in the Open For the last five years, Susan has worked hands-on with sex trafficking victims, who are still trapped in this horrendous life. She will walk you through the reality of life of the buyers, sellers and the victims.
Lori Regnier Staying Safe From The Tricks Of The Traffickers In this workshop you will learn the tricks and tactics predators are using to get to our valley youth, how to identify a possible predator, cell phone, video game and social media dangers and how to keep safe in an ever changing world of modern technology. This is information every student, parent and staff member can benefit from.
Breanna Vales The Reality of Modern Sexual Exploitation Sex trafficking and pornography
Cpt. Gary McCarthy An Introduction to Human Trafficking Captain Gary McCarthy, a member of the Arizona Human Trafficking Council, will give an overview of criminal activity, victims and their stories, and what to look for when it comes to trafficking in Arizona.
Emily Rice Protection from Pornography Explanation of revenge porn laws and proposals in AZ
Sunitha Krishnan and Lisa Kristine – TEDTalks – Led by Mr. Jake Kelly The Fight Against Child Sex Slavery and Photos of Modern Slavery A. About the worst form of human rights violation, the third-largest organized crime, a $10 billion industry. I’m talking to you about modern-day slavery. B. A Photographer goes to places worldwide to gather images of actual slavery.
Krishna Sinha and Herman Sanghera Traumatized: The psychological effects of human trafficking and what the medical profession can do to help A trafficked person suffers psychological that can last the rest of their lives. How can a medical professional help a victim regain psychological health?
Kinner Patel and Connor Park Athletes as Commodities A survey of how athletes in many sports are considered a product and their particular skills or the violence of their sports produces funds they never see.
Mr. Kurt Kroemer “Othering” and the dangers of “not one of us” This workshop will highlight the use of media, tribalism and the breakdown of the rule of law to foment human trafficking and mass atrocities. Examples will be drawn from countries as diverse as Nepal, Qater, Myanmar, Sudan and South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and the United States
Nikki Julien Animal Trafficking: Big Business Why people are so willing to risk trafficking animals and rare species
Brophy History Club Human Trafficking, Qatar and the 2022 World Cup A concentrated look at the commodifying labor practices involved in constructing World Cup venues.
Dr. Tom Donlan Modern Male Abuse of the Body: A Catholic Critique Reflection on how a faith perspective calls out toxic masculinity in politics, media, and public service in much the same way as the voices of the #MeToo movement.
Mrs. Angie Bayless Supply and Demand: The Online Reality of Who’s Buying Sex A critical look at the ways internet technology enables sex trafficking and buying and how to stop the supply and demand.
Ian Aston Saving a Marriage: The Cost of Pornography Personal narratives about struggles with pornography and its effects on marriage.
Heidi Renpenning What a little girl sees: Trafficking in Mexico A personal and journalistic narrative about how human trafficking has become common place in small towns in Mexico.
Sr. Rosalina Baldonado and Kanthi Salgadu From Sri Lanka – a Victim’s Story A personal narrative about how a young woman was trafficked and trapped as a household laborer in Los Angeles.
Dr. Dominique Roe-Sepowitz Disturbing Information: Sex Trafficking Research Projects A series of case studies as to how ASU research projects have given rise to efforts to end sex trafficking.
Nick Lembo A Man’s Role in Combating 21st Century Slave Trade See how to take the lead in defending others against sexual violence. Learn to think differently and take a stand against the trends that are being modeled to us in our over-sexualized society. Be the first to make a difference in your generation.
Shane McMahon Trafficking and Border Security How does the border patrol assist in the prevention of the dangerous and inhumane trafficking of human beings across the US border?
Detective Christi Decoufle and Analyst Samantha Calender The Hardest Cases: Sex Trafficking and law enforcement A law enforcement view of the problem of sex trafficking and sex-buying
Mr. Chris White Be A Man: A neuroscientific and Ignatian antidote to toxic masculinity A close look at male adolescent brain development, brain changes that occur from societal influences and habit, and offer a practical, countercultural, Ignatian solution to upholding the dignity of self and others.
Erik Johnsen Experiences working in a women’s correctional facility How criminalization plays out for those who are being trafficked
Katie Staab Gadow and Blaine Gadow Consequences: A Discussion of the Legal and Investigative Aspects of Sex Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation of Children, and the Internet. Blaine investigates and prosecutes sex trafficking cases and child pornography cases and Katie prosecutes sexual offenses against adults and children as well as domestic violence sexual offenses. They will offer a discussion on the intersection of these areas. For example, the media-related aspects of selling persons including children for sex or of trading images of abused children on the Web, the internet’s role in making such activity anonymous and easier to advertise for both sale and use of trafficked persons, and the accompanying sexual and physical abuse that makes that trafficking possible are some of the topics that might be part of a discussion.
Lane McShane The Role of Drugs in Human Trafficking This workshop will investigate how illicit narcotics are used in human trafficking
Makala Davis What works? Getting People Out With international laws and political factors, what methods to free people from trafficking work best?
Leslie Russell Cyber-Predators How do traffickers use the internet? How can they be stopped?
Brophy AP Seminar Student Perspectives on Human Trafficking Students present their research and reasoned views on how human trafficking impacts many facets of American society.
Dr. Calvin Schermerhorn Slaves in Supply Chains Presentation will examine the sources of human trafficking and the push factors that encourage supply.