Summit Prayer

Loving God, you know that our hearts deeply desire to serve you. You comfort us at all times with your presence. As we seek to uphold human dignity in the world today and participate in freeing all people from any slavery, help us to not grow weary nor harbor hopelessness. Give us the courage of your Son, Jesus, to face the challenges of human trafficking and all forms of sexual exploitation. Give us the patience and understanding to hear the voices of victims, and strengthen us against temptations that lead to dehumanization and loss of true relationships. Send us your Spirit so that we might choose to always praise you in our thoughts, by how we speak to each other, and through discernment of the questions and concerns that personally challenge us toward changes of heart. May the belief that all human beings are made in your image inspire every law, every effort, every community, and every conversation so that the world will no longer commodify human beings. We pray, with the help of Mary our Mother, and St. Josephine Bakhita, that we may obtain grace in our labors for the common good and joyfully experience conversion toward our better nature, for your greater honor and glory. Amen.