A Mother’s Love, by Victor Beck

The day before my freshman year, my mother passed away. She was a woman of complete and absolute love and beauty. My sisters and I look back on our time with our mother with nothing but happiness and joy.

She instilled within us the importance of approaching the world with an insatiable desire to learn and grow. While going to El Salvador, I put her teaching at the forefront of my mind.

Ignacia, my host mom in La Hacienda, is a stoic beauty. Her eyes could simultaneously give you the chills and warm your heart to the point of melting with a single glance. She is the mother of two incredibly wise and loving girls.



Gloria and Margarita are two girls who if you had the privilege of meeting them, would instantly see the pervasiveness to which their light could reach. The wisdom that exuded from every little action they committed, reverberated and brought joy to everyone around them.

My first interaction with Gloria was her reminding me to fill up my water bottle before going out, and if it were raining both the girls would do their best to assure we had an umbrella and clothing that would keep us warm and comfortable. After a day of working in the corn fields, fertilizing the crops and a vigorous soccer tournament Patrick and I were seemingly dead to the world.

Ignacia was locking up the chicken pen for the night when the lights started to turn off. I was already half asleep when I felt a blanket cascade across my body. Ignacia had noticed that I was sleeping only with a towel, and without me asking had automatically stepped in to ensure I would be comfortable. This small interaction lead me to think back to the time my mother would do that for me.

The love a mother has for her child is one that is everlasting and has no limits. The love I felt from Ignacia that night was a mothers love, a love that I haven’t felt for three years. It is in those small expressions of love where we can begin to grow and encounter each other. Finally, allowing ourselves to see all the beautiful forms that humanity is capable of taking.


8 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love, by Victor Beck

  1. Victor, your mother lives on. In Ignacia…and in you. You have been such a model of courage and love for the Brophy community. Thank you for remaining vulnerable – because then you know the sacrifice of love all the better.
    You’ve really helped me today – my mother died this past March – and I miss her terribly. But, because of your reflection, I remember her in the faces of others who have mothered me – My Salvadoran mother in La Hacienda is Segundina. She did as Ignacia is doing for you.
    Thank you – no doubt, your mother is proud of you.

  2. Victor, what a beautiful reflection. Your mother is with you every step of the way.

  3. Beautiful writing, Vick. You’re finding God and your mother in all things. What an amazing opportunity for you. You mother would be proud. I know I am.

  4. Love ya, Victor. This is beautiful – in so many ways I can’t even begin to articulate it. You’re just awesome.

    • Our mother is so incredibly proud of the man you are becoming…your writing and words have captured me and I feel I am there with you. My heart is overflowing with love and happiness xo

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful reflection, Victor. Truly moving.

  6. Victor. I lost my mother last year. I cannot imagine the courage it takes to even accept the invitation to travel to a strange place with such nasty misconceptions surrounding it. That you not only accepted this call, but are beginning to transform because of it, is evidence that your mother raised a young man capable of stewarding this world. I am confident that your experience in loss and tragedy elevated not only your experience l, but those of your peers as well. I am so very proud of you.

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