Happy Birthday To Me! by Frankie Pastor

I must admit, I am HOMESICK! This is the longest I have been away from my family in my life. On the contrary, I feel content in El Salvador. Yesterday, I celebrated my 17th birthday. Let me tell you, it is by far the best birthday I can remember. What better way can a 17-year-old boy celebrate a milestone birthday than be in a different country with their Brophy brothers? I woke up to my hosts (Marta y Santiago) singing Las Mañanitas and Happy Birthday alongside Mr. Broyles, Mr. Kelly and Mr. Gonzalez.

Then at breakfast, I was surprised by the people of La Hacienda with three different birthday cakes, a handmade shirt and homemade candy.

Oh, did I mention Mr. Broyles shoved my face in the cake? Well, I guess I can’t get away from La Mordida, no matter how far away I am from my family! While I am homesick, I am so happy that I got to celebrate my birthday with my Brophy brothers, teachers and hosts. Favorite moment so far: Marta and Santiago telling me, “Happy birthday to our newest son!”

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me! by Frankie Pastor

  1. Primeramente, Feliz Cumpleaños, Frankie!! This sounds like your most memorable birthday yet! To celebrate it in a different country while forging life-long friendships and seeing life through a completely different lens!! What a b-day gift your family has given you in making this trip possible. Take it all in, young man, and continue developing your character in the bigger classroom we call real life!👍

  2. Happy Birthday, Frankie! You don’t deserve cake all over your face, but, you deserve all of the fun, joy, and meaning of being where God has placed you at this time – con el pueblo de El Salvador.
    Keep giving your heart – as you do so well.

  3. Frankie, so glad to see you’re on this trip. El Salvador is lucky to have you, and we’ll be lucky to have you back home here at BCP, enriched by this experience.

  4. Happy birthday dear one. Take in the world around you. Let it teach you. Many blessings.
    Mrs. Doud

  5. Happy birthday, Frankie, and thanks for the post. Make sure to shove the cake right back next time.

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