Brian Franz ’08 competes in UA Engineering Design Day 2013

2008 franz, brian (wp)Brian’s senior design project “Hybrid Rocket Engine Test Stand” won the Voltaire Design Award ($750 prize money), intended to recognize the design team that best emulates the ideals of French philosopher Voltaire (“the best is the enemy of the good”) and Da Vinci (“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”) with a clean, simple, elegant, low cost design that simply works well.

Brian also was awarded the Honeywell Team Leadership Award (nominees are nominated by their teammates), recognizing the student who best exemplifies teamwork skills, including the ability to work cooperatively with others to produce high quality work, to take initiative, to support and respect the opinions of fellow team members, to give and receive feedback, to demonstrate effective leadership, to keep their team focused and to elevate the work of their fellow team members.

Brian will graduate from University of Arizona with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering this month. He will be attending graduate school at the University of Southern California in Astronautical Engineering.

Marc Papakyriakou ’10 headed to MIT this summer

2010 Papakyriakou, marc (wp)Brophy alumnus Marc Papakyriakou ’10 is finishing up his junior year at LMU Honor Program. He was recently recruited for a research project at MIT this summer. Marc will be on a team developing light-based microscopes that focus light to incredibly small diameters in order to manipulate molecules into nano machines. Science fiction? We think not, eventually it will be the standard for targeted drug delivery systems.

Read more at MIT’s Nanophotonics/3D Nanomanufacturing page