Alumni Now – December 2015

Thoughts from Fr. Postell, S.J.
A student of New Testament culture frequently revisits the understanding, at least in Judaism, about the causal influence of sickness. Simply put, disease and/or financial reversal was attributed to sin by the individual. A person was guilty of wrongdoing and was therefore punished with sickness. The reversal was also true. Financial and material prosperity was considered the direct result of moral rectitude.

Of course, in today’s times, we have a much more sophisticated understanding about sickness and would never attribute disease as a punishment from God for a particular sin. In other words, we are much more sensitive to the facile connection between disease and wrongdoing. We believe that a merciful God would never punish human beings out of a motive of revenge. All that being said, there is an undeniable connection between sickness and some underlying psychological root causes. No one can deny the truth of the maxim “a healthy mind, a healthy body.” I want to put it another way; very often depressed and challenged mental attitudes can cause or make the body much more susceptible to physical illness.

But if that is the case, namely that God does not punish the individual with disease because of sin, then we can refine that insight to establish the possible connection between mental health and physical health. One aspect of positive mental health is faith in God and in His son Jesus. We might thoroughly reflect on the healing force that comes to an individual with faith in Jesus Christ.

During the season of Advent, we study the theme of preparation for Christmas and perhaps this could be a reminder of deepening our faith in Jesus Christ. It was the role of John the Baptist to prepare the way. “Make straight the path of the Lord.” John the Baptist ate honey and clothed himself in animal skins. His mindset was focused on “The Lamb of God.” There was scarcely a political bone in his body. People knew where they stood with him and his role was to prepare for the coming of Jesus.

As we prepare for the birthday of Jesus, we have the invitation to deepen our faith, to take care of our bodies and souls, to develop a kind of mental attitude that is founded in belief and which in effect can bring happiness of both soul and body. We simply focus on the light that shines in the darkness.


Christmas Mass Schedule at Brophy Chapel
Thursday, December 24th
4:15pm St. Francis Xavier Mass held in the Brophy Chapel
7:30pm Brophy Mass
9:30pm Brophy Mass
Friday December 25th – MERRY CHRISTMAS!
10:00am Brophy Mass
Sunday December 27th
10:00am Regular Sunday Mass
New Year’s Masses – none are held in the Brophy Chapel. Please check St. Francis Xavier Parish website for Mass listings.


Young Alum Luncheon

Back from college for your winter break? We invite our young alumni, graduates from the Classes of ’12-’15, to join us on Wednesday, January 6th from 11:30 to 1:00pm for pizza in the Harper Great Hall. It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with classmates and various staff members before they head back into their classrooms. If you plan on joining us, please RSVP here! We want to make sure we have enough pizza!



Each year Brophy enjoys a wide-ranging group of reunions based on 10 year intervals. This year, the Class of ’65 celebrated its 50th anniversary with a Friday night informal gathering here at Brophy. The following night, the reunion class enjoyed the hospitality of the Phoenix Country Club. To reunion chair, Peter Calihan ’65 and his committee, including but not limited to Larry Cuzzocrea ’65, Richard DeNinno ’65, Jim Hawkins ’65, Bob Houck ’65, John Howe ’65, Mark Kalich ’65, William Kantor ’65, Larry Muckerman ’65, John Pope ’65, Stephen Rempe ’65, Rich Roulier ’65, and Richard Trowbridge ’65, congratulations on a successful celebration.

Later on in the year, the Classes of ’75, ’85, and ’95 celebrated with their respective classmates with equal delight as well. Many thanks to Sean Kelly ’75, Bob Beardsley ’75, Eric Herschede ’85, and Brian Theobald ’95 for their leadership and to their many classmates who assisted them in putting these events together.

After Thanksgiving day and on a chilly Friday evening, the Class of ’05 met in the McCain Colonnade. The attendance was outstanding. This reunion, chaired by Michael Strittmatter ’05, along with Sean Berens ’05, Oscar Barboa ’05, Sean Tierney ’05, Bobby Wesley ’05, and Joe White ’05 could very well hold the record of hosting the largest reunion gathering and tour on Brophy’s campus.

With this impetus in mind, someone asked why wait to celebrate every 10 years; why, in the span of 10 years, can we not intersperse an informal reminder every 5 years. So, this spring, we will do a 5 year kick-off as a kind of pilot program. As of this writing, the Classes of ’71 and the ’91 are in the planning stages for celebrations this spring.

Bit of History

On August 23rd, 1928, the Arizona Republic reported that the new Brophy football coach Jimmy Robinson would install a unique offensive set called the Notre Dame Box. Coach Robinson had previously coached in Portland, Oregon and before that had played football in the college ranks at Gonzaga University. In those days, schools such as Santa Clara, Loyola and Gonzaga were ranked as collegiate football powerhouses. So, the hiring of Coach Robinson, who would also coach basketball and baseball, was considered a hiring plum for Brophy. Small wonder that the Phoenix newspaper described him as one of “The most promising men in the coaching game.”


Alumni Updates

Matt Miller ’97 continues to inspire us! After losing his fingers and toes to frostbite in a mountain climbing accident, Matt’s determination has not wavered. He is now conquering miles and miles of pavement with ultra-distant running! Read his story here.

Andy Schmidbauer ’88 was honored for his 20 years of service with the Brophy Cross Country Team. This season was his last and he will be sorely missed, but will hardly be taking it easy! He will continue his teaching of Spanish, coaching volleyball, and yes, raising his twin boys with wife Joy.

Joe Dugan ’02 is a featured artist in the Emerging Visions exhibit at the Agora Gallery in NYC from December 29th to January 14th. Read more about Joe and the inspiration behind his work.

Tyler Bruggman ’13, quarterback for the Scottsdale Community College Artichokes, is thriving on and off the field. He was recently highlighted on

Justin Glenn ’63 has just released the latest in his ongoing series. Volume 5, Part 1 and Part 2 of his book “The Washingtons: A Family History” is now available on Amazon. Congratulations Justin!

Isaiah Oliver ’15 was interviewed by the Denver Post on setting his sights on a bigger role for the Colorado University Buffalo’s 2016 football season.


Wedding Anniversaries

John Ashton ’87 and Kimberly (Finney) Ashton XCP ’87 will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on January 5, 2016. Per John, “25 Years, and still having fun!”


In Memoriam

Thomas A. McCarthy Jr. – father to Megan Kuhl XCP ’90 and Teresa Brown XCP 82-83 and grandfather to Preston Kuhl ’17, Molly Kuhl XCP ’18, Riggs Brown ’14, Tucker Brown ’17 and Connor Brown, husband of Diane McCarthy.

Dr. Bill Dunn – father of Tim Dunn ’76, Bill Dunn ’72, Chuck Dunn ’74, Patty Klieber XCP ’71, and Katie Dunn XCP ’80 and husband of Mary Dunn.

Sally O’Malley Whitten Lara – mother of Christopher Whitten ’84, grandmother of Tom Whitten ’13 and Charlie Whitten ’15

Anne Hickie – Brophy Regent Emeritus and mother of Christopher Hickie ’83, Matthew Hickie ’85 and Brian Hickie.

Christian Smallsreed ’88

Miguel Gutierrez, Jr. ’11

Alumni Now – November 2015

Thoughts from Fr. Postell, S.J.  

During the month of November, we focus our attention on the deceased of our community. During November is the month of the holy souls. More importantly, it gives us an opportunity to fix our gaze on the members of our community who have gone before us and now rest with the Lord.

Death is a difficult topic to get excited about. It is often accompanied by feelings of grief, anxiety and separation. Not a few instances of death include significant suffering.

And that is why the gift of Christianity focuses on the hope of the resurrection. “If Jesus has not risen from the dead, our hope is in vain.” Our belief in the resurrection looks at an after-life and stresses the promise of eternal life where we are united with Christ our brother forever.

One thought often occurs to me in our belief in an after-life. It is almost as if we look to eternal life as a kind of fairy tale, merry-go-round Easter egg hunt. A place we will get to watch endless TV, or an exciting game of the World Series, or spend endless hours shopping without worrying about an expense account. I guess there is some consolation in this.

But frankly, we do not know much about the after-life. Though I suspect what we experience will far surpass measures of the material ecstasy we dream about. Jesus once exclaimed, “The eye has not seen” in His attempt to describe the after-life.

In point of fact, we know that we will be united eternally with our Brother who loves us. This is the essential gift of the resurrection. Everything else is a distraction. And that union with Jesus Christ will be perfect, all satisfying and yes, very exciting. This is the mystery of the resurrection and the gift. It is the completion and fulfillment of what we have striven for all of our lives. But after we die, that yearning and that struggling will be fulfilled. Not bad!


I recently heard of a woman who started detailing all the gifts and events in her life for which she was grateful. She would spend each day and recall a list of ten different topics. She wrote them all down. When she got to a thousand, she realized that even with this number, her list was not complete.

Would it be possible for each of us to emulate this practice over the next week and a half as we anticipate Thanksgiving Day?

 Mass for Deceased Alumni

The Mass for Deceased Alumni was held on October 31st in the Brophy Chapel. This annual event takes place on a Saturday morning as close as possible to All Saints/All Souls day. A highlight of the liturgy is a PowerPoint of all deceased alumni who have passed within the last year. This year we included a picture of Fr. Olivier, even though he had not graduated from Brophy.

 Bit of History (submitted by Bob Sloncen ’57)

For the 1953-54 and 1954-55 school years, Brophy had no buses to transport our athletic teams to the games.  The school had 2 old vehicles but had to ask parents to the take team members to our away games. Away games were plentiful because we had no football field or gym for home games. It didn’t take long to figure out that the best ride to any game would be in Rick Johns’ mother’s Cadillac. We would do almost anything to ride with her because her vehicle had the most room and was air conditioned. If you did get to ride with her you were on your best behavior hoping you could ride again to the next game. The football and baseball teams wore their uniforms to the game. It made for a real cozy ride in the back seat.  A bonus for riding with Mrs. Johns was she would sometimes buy dinner after a game.  She was a great lady!

 Alumni Updates

Lane McShane ’84, current Brophy teacher, will present The Legacy of the JFK Assassination. This 52nd Anniversary presentation will explore the how, who and why of the Kennedy assassination on Friday, November 20th from 6:00-8:30pm in northwest corner of the Harper Great Hall at Brophy. The presentation is open to all alumni, parents, faculty, staff and students. To rsvp, click here!

Congratulations to Dave Grounds ’84, President of Dorn Homes, named by The Arizona Republic and AZCentral’s 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards as Best Homebuilder in Arizona, and the Dorn Homes development, Prescott Lakes, was named best master planned community.

Dan Cavanagh ’69 will be honored on National Philanthropy Day November 19th in Tucson for his work with the Fox Theatre. The Fox is listed of the National Register of Historic Places. Dan serves on the Fox Board of Directors and co-hosted the gala celebrating the 85th anniversary of the theatre.

Pat Duncan ’76 was featured on Phoenix Bites highlighting his “Farmer in the House” dining series.


In Memoriam

Judy Schaefer – mother of Scott Schaefer 80, predeceased by son Robert Schaefer 83

Anthony Sammons – grandfather of Andrew Broderick 02, Nick Broderick 05, Maggie Broderick XCP 08, Anna Claybough XCP 09, and Emily Jordan XCP 15

Manuel Morales Silva – father of Steve Silva ’85, Robert Silva ’83, Michelle XCP ’78, Patricia XCP ’79, Elisabeth XCP ’82 and Maria

John Cole Hickcox Sr. – uncle of Polly Fitzgerald XCP 68 and grandfather to Elizabeth Magura XCP 04 and Emma Magura XCP 07.

Jeffrey Rush 02

John Thompson 71

Kirsten Sandnermother of Andrew Sandner 03

Alumni Now – September 2015

Thoughts from Fr. Postell, S.J. 

In the seventh chapter of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is asked to cure a man who is deaf. Simply, he cannot hear. Jesus first removes his patient away from the crowd and then proceeds to heal the deaf man. This episode is heavy with implications for those of us who hear but do not listen, or do not hear with awareness. Whether it be the noise of the crowd, or the many voices competing for our attention, or God forbid, those voices who are saying something we do not agree with or which contain opinions which threaten our security. It is curious that this cure is worked outside of the geographical comfort level of Israel, to the district of Decapolis, which would have been a new kind of culture to the followers of Jesus and to traditional Jews. What can we learn from people who might be considered foreigners to our American comfort level, from immigrants, even visitors to our shores, to our city and to our church communities?


Varsity Football

The Broncos opened their season August 21st at Sandra Day O’Connor High School facing the home team Eagles on a windy but hot summer night. In fact, the half time was lengthened to allow the teams to handle the intensity of the heat. Heat there was a plenty. But the heat came from the potent Bronco offense balanced off by devastating running and accurate passing. The defense held up its own share of responsibility by shutting down the home town team to no score. In fact, for the fourth quarter, AIA rules provided for a running time exception because of the one sided score. The game was an exciting preview for things to come.

The Broncos traveled to California August 29th to play the Cathedral High Lancers from Carlsbad with confidence after the previous week’s O’Connor victory. The final score of the second game was a convincing 30 – 12 win by the Broncos. Quarterback Cade Knox completed 24 passes for 124 yards and Ryan Velez carried the ball 18 times for 187 yards. The Lancers were victimized all night long by mistakes, three of which came on the center-quarterback exchange. Still and all, the Bronco defense showed significant improvement as it approached the Brophy first home game vs.  Liberty.

On September 4th, the Broncos captured their third straight win with a convincing defeat of Liberty High School 31-10. The offense looked superb, with a deft blend of passing and running. One of the unique features of the game was the celebration of Coach Scooter Molander’s 100th win at Brophy. The customary Gatorade drenching overshadowed the dramatic display of lightening that caused a delay at the beginning of the second half.


Service Project with Circle the City

The Alumni Board and Circle the City are most grateful for the generous time (over 136 hours this past quarter) and care our Brophy alumni have brought to the Circle the City mission.  It’s an honor to have each of you on board. To our volunteering alumni family, please save the date (November 21st) for a social in thanks for you being Men for Others in a time and place to heal. More details to come. If you have not yet signed up as a volunteer and are interested in doing so, please contact Tom McCabe at


Annual Mass for Deceased Alumni

Mark your calendars to join us for our annual Mass for Deceased Alumni, Saturday, October 31st at 10:00am. We will honor our deceased alumni with a special picture presentation of those alumni who have died within the last year.


Dallas Alumni Gathering

If you are a Brophy alumnus currently living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, consider attending our second annual gathering on Thursday, October 1st. For location information and to RSVP, contact the Alumni Office at


Mass of the Holy Spirit

Every year, the school officially and spiritually begins its academic year with the celebration of the Mass of the Holy Spirit, asking the assistance of God on the academic program of the school. This year, our special presider at mass was a visiting Jesuit priest who just happened to be a Brophy alumnus, Fr. Michael Michaelson, S.J. The faculty was also thrilled to listen to Fr. Michaelson at an additional luncheon presentation later in the day. It truly was a significant beginning of the school year as we thanked God for our blessings and asked his spirit to bless our educational effort for the forthcoming year.  Incidentally, in 1931 during the era of the “Old Brophy” the school opened the “scholastic” year with the Mass of the “Holy Ghost.”


Reunion Preview

Alumni from ’65, ’75, ’85, ’95, ’05 and ’10, don’t miss out on your reunion! Check out the reunion page on Brophy’s website and email with questions.


Are you former player on the Brophy soccer team?

An event is in the works and we want to make sure you are included. Leave your contact info here.


Bit of History

Whenever I see the new light rail pass in front of the school, I am reminded of a picture I have seen of a street car that used to bring students to the neighborhood of Brophy. The “trolley” came out Third Street to Indian School Road. It is rumored that one student used his car to shuttle several students the rest of the way to school, for a nickel.


In Memoriam

Robert Bayless ’60

Stephen W. Burns ’72

John Fay ’79 – uncle of Christopher Baca ’11, brother of Melanie Baca XCP ’81 and Martha Moneypenny  XCP ’84

Eric Gustafson ’68

Marilyn Osborn – grandmother of Mark Grant ‘05

Alumni quick update, March 2014

Catch up on Brophy alumni this month

  • Barrett Ames ’08 is a Robotics Engineer, working on the NASA Johnson Space Center’s Valkyrie DRC Robot project.

  • Jeff Lockhart ’09 was awarded the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship to pursue graduate study at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Gender Studies. The Gates is Cambridge’s most prestigious international scholarship (similar to Oxford’s Rhodes), and focuses on a commitment to improving the lives of others. Read more here.

  • Danny Wilson ’10 wrote a personal reflection for Harvard’s The Crimson.

  • Cristian Avila ’08 was invited to attend State of the Union address.
    More details here.

  • Adam Wentzel ’95 is now an American Sign Language/English interpreter in the L.A. Metro Area and will this spring be awarded a Master’s Degree in Linguistics at C.S.U. Northridge. After graduating with a dual Bachelor’s of Arts degree (Deaf Studies/Interpreting and Linguistics), he joined the esteemed staff of interpreters at CSUN and began presenting on second-language learning and advocating for the rights of all people to learn language. He is particularly thankful to Mr. Brennan for the four years of AP Latin classes he took while attending Brophy which he says fostered a curiosity for language that has culminated in a rewarding career with a positive social impact.

  • Mitch Hosier ’11 played with his band Black Thoughts at Club Red in Tempe on March 1st.

  • Former Student Body President, Paris Dennard ’00, serves as the Events Director at The McCain Institute. Photo Gallery

  • Jake Steffens ’12 interviewed for Santa Clara online blog about baseball. Read about it here!

  • Tim Kempton ’13 named Patriot League’s Rookie of the Year!

  • Mayasich Cup, named for Brophy alumnus Robby Mayasich ’10, was awarded to the triumphant Brophy Lacrosse team this month against Chaparral. Photos & Blog page

  • Brophy Varsity Soccer won the 2014 State Championship under Coach Noah Lewkowitz ’98, his first year as Head Coach.


    In Memoriam

    • Jeannette Ann Cox – Mother of Lisa Cox (XCP 84-86) and grandmother to Andrea Singh, Isabella Singh and Josh Cox ’08.

    • Seamus Raphael O’Bryan ’99

    • Arne Running – Brother of Cliff Running ’58, Steven Running ’64 and Michael Running ’60, and uncle of Steven Running ’87.

    • Anthony Iarocci, Sr. – Grandfather of Andrew Iarocci ’06 and TJ Iarocci ’96

    • William Whitcher ’61

    • Father John HanleyObituary
      A complete list can be found on the alumni homepage here>

Prayers for the Hoyt family

It with great sadness I share that Mike Hoyt, father of Greg Hoyt, Brophy Trustee, passed away yesterday in Palm Desert.

Mike is the grandfather of Brophy alumni Briggs Hoyt ’11 and Wade Hoyt ’12 and current Brophy student, Chase Hoyt ’15.

Mike and his wife Barbie were frequent attendees at the annual Grandparents’ Lunch as proud grandparents and made every effort to be involved in the lives of their children and grandchildren.

Please remember the entire Hoyt family in your prayers.
May he rest in peace.

In Memoriam: Ted Novak ’00

Prayers for the family of Ted Novak, class of 2000. Ted worked the summer Loyola Project in recent years, and was teaching at St. Francis. His heart was strongly rooted in the Brophy community. He is survived by his mother Mary, Brophy Counseling office administrator, his dad Greg, a ’69 Brophy graduate, and his sister Lindsey, uncles Mark ’71, David ’67 and Tom Manos ’70. He was preceded in passing by his dear cousin Stephen Manos ’00.