Navigating the Standardized Testing Experience

1976 pimentelBrophy alumni Mateo Pimentel ’06 and Bob Pimentel ’76 recently published Beyond Standard: Navigating the Standardized Testing Experience. It was written with students and parents in mind.

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Bob Pimentel ’06, President of Pimentel Academic Services, LLC, was awarded Best of The Valley for 2014 under the kids section, Pimentel Academic Services won first place in the category of tutoring. The voting results can be viewed on the Arizona Foothills website for 2014, visit Arizona Foothills.

Alumni quick update, March 2014

Catch up on Brophy alumni this month

  • Barrett Ames ’08 is a Robotics Engineer, working on the NASA Johnson Space Center’s Valkyrie DRC Robot project.

  • Jeff Lockhart ’09 was awarded the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship to pursue graduate study at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Gender Studies. The Gates is Cambridge’s most prestigious international scholarship (similar to Oxford’s Rhodes), and focuses on a commitment to improving the lives of others. Read more here.

  • Danny Wilson ’10 wrote a personal reflection for Harvard’s The Crimson.

  • Cristian Avila ’08 was invited to attend State of the Union address.
    More details here.

  • Adam Wentzel ’95 is now an American Sign Language/English interpreter in the L.A. Metro Area and will this spring be awarded a Master’s Degree in Linguistics at C.S.U. Northridge. After graduating with a dual Bachelor’s of Arts degree (Deaf Studies/Interpreting and Linguistics), he joined the esteemed staff of interpreters at CSUN and began presenting on second-language learning and advocating for the rights of all people to learn language. He is particularly thankful to Mr. Brennan for the four years of AP Latin classes he took while attending Brophy which he says fostered a curiosity for language that has culminated in a rewarding career with a positive social impact.

  • Mitch Hosier ’11 played with his band Black Thoughts at Club Red in Tempe on March 1st.

  • Former Student Body President, Paris Dennard ’00, serves as the Events Director at The McCain Institute. Photo Gallery

  • Jake Steffens ’12 interviewed for Santa Clara online blog about baseball. Read about it here!

  • Tim Kempton ’13 named Patriot League’s Rookie of the Year!

  • Mayasich Cup, named for Brophy alumnus Robby Mayasich ’10, was awarded to the triumphant Brophy Lacrosse team this month against Chaparral. Photos & Blog page

  • Brophy Varsity Soccer won the 2014 State Championship under Coach Noah Lewkowitz ’98, his first year as Head Coach.


    In Memoriam

    • Jeannette Ann Cox – Mother of Lisa Cox (XCP 84-86) and grandmother to Andrea Singh, Isabella Singh and Josh Cox ’08.

    • Seamus Raphael O’Bryan ’99

    • Arne Running – Brother of Cliff Running ’58, Steven Running ’64 and Michael Running ’60, and uncle of Steven Running ’87.

    • Anthony Iarocci, Sr. – Grandfather of Andrew Iarocci ’06 and TJ Iarocci ’96

    • William Whitcher ’61

    • Father John HanleyObituary
      A complete list can be found on the alumni homepage here>

Chapel weddings and baptisms, June 2012

Martin Sims ’01 married Jamie Reardon (XCP ’01) on June 2, 2012. Father Olivier presided.

Matthew Smith ’06 wed wife Jennifer on June 9, 2012. Father Olivier presided.

David French ’98 and wife Kirsten Frances Alber French (XCP ’00) baptized son James Patrick on June 2nd.

Christopher Sheedy ’87 and wife Cari Hargis Sheedy (XCP ’02) baptized son Max James on June 28th. Msgr Richard Moyer presided.

Jose-Pablo Buerba ’06 follows his dream

I am one of two Americans, and the first Mexican to play in the Chinese Football League

After Brophy, I went on to Georgetown University and ended up not playing soccer because of the team having a full roster. I instead played American Football, and had a pretty successful career considering I had never played before in my life. I eventually did make it on to the soccer team, but had a less than impressive career. But, I kept my hopes up.

After graduation, I moved down to Mexico City for fun to tryout for a professional soccer club called Cruz Azul. My trial went surprisingly very well, placing me in the Reserve squad, but due to some visa difficulties I ended up coming back to the States to finally get my US citizenship and continue my education. Being a semester in, I decided to withdraw from the possibility of an Ivy League education in order to pursue soccer while I am still young.

Back in Arizona, I played for the semi-pro team AZ Sahuaros a couple of games as well as on another team with Steve Nash during the NBA lockout. In the meantime as well, I began helping the soccer program at Brophy, not only for my own training, but to have a younger voice on the team for the players to relate to. Unfortunately, we barely lost the State Championship, and a few days later I was on a plane to China.

The opportunity in China came about from my girlfriend, a Georgetown academic superstar, who had a job offer in Beijing through an organization called China Medical Board, created by the Rockefeller Foundation and Harvard University. She moved while I was trying to figure out my next move in terms of soccer but now my focus had to be China. It was pretty disheartening since every person who knew something about Chinese soccer was trying to dissuade me from going due to League corruption scandals and regime changes that the game had undergone in the past decade. As well as, the Chinese teams only want big-shot, big-name players on their teams. Having reached out to probably hundreds of people and teams, I eventually found a team that was willing to give me a trial. I was very excited about this opportunity. So I literally packed up my things and went.

I thought that I would be the only one at the trial, but to my surprise there were 17 other foreigners trying out for 1 spot the day before they signed contacts. The trial went OK, the coach said he would call. But he never called. And I was not chosen. Bothered by the fact that he hadn’t called, I went to seek him out and after showing up about five or six times and asking him to give me another chance, he finally did. I was given 3 months trial to train with the team and see how I adjust to the playing style. Long story short, I played two Sundays ago–unfortunately I cannot tell you who we played against because it was in Chinese, but I know it was a team from the North. Plus, I was in shock. The coach had called me the day before to show up the next day–I was not too worried or thrilled since a lot of the younger players just sit on the bench at the games, or warm up for the whole game and not go in. To my surprise however, I not only was playing, but I was starting. And usually I play center defense, but he put me as outside midfield… As it went, we tied 0-0. And I had a very (understandably) timid, but pretty good game.

I am one of two Americans, and the first Mexican to play in the Chinese Football League. However, I can’t sit and relish on the game. I have to work even harder if I want to play consistently. And, not only that, I am planning my next move out of China, into a more soccer-based country. But I’m taking it one day at a time, just trying to improve every day. Because if there’s anything that I have learned the past few months is that it is very humbling to play with quality players who have international and national experience. It makes you question everything you’ve done in the past, and leaves you with no choice but to practice and train harder to get up to their level.

Jose-Pablo Buerba graduated from Brophy in 2006. His brother Rafael is also an alumnus of 2004