Marc Garcia ’91 named Pres/CEO of Mesa Convention and Visitors Bureau

Marc Garcia ’91 was named President and CEO of the Mesa Convention and Visitors Bureau. Marc served the Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau for fifteen years, most recently holding the post of Vice President of Visitor Marketing and Community Development where he oversaw the Travel Industry Sales, Convention Services and Housing, Government Affairs and Sports Sales departments. During Garcia’s tenure he helped lead the Phoenix bureau’s sales and service efforts for high-profile national events including Super Bowl XLII, NBA All-Star Weekend 2009, WrestleMania XXVI and 2011 MLB All Star Summer. “Mr. Garcia has a proven track record of performance all developed within Phoenix’s regional tourism sector,” said City of Mesa Economic Development Director William Jabjiniak. “We are confident Marc is the right choice for Mesa as we continue our efforts to build an in-demand destination through key projects.”

Josh Hebert ’95 speaks to Brophy Econ classes

Josh Hebert ’95 generously gave his time to speak to Ms. Guffey’s Econ classes this month.

Josh talked to Brophy students about how he started his restaurant, the difficulties starting a business, and how he followed his passion for cooking.

Josh’s restaurant is now one of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the city. His theme of “Improvisational cuisine” gives diners a menu of items that they only check what they WON’T eat then chef surprises them with several small plates made from what was left on their menu.

Posh Improvisational Cuisine

ADDED MAY 4, 2012…
Ask you shall receive! Josh Hebert has dubbed May 8th – 18th “BROPHY WEEK!” Due to our Facebook requests, Josh has graciously extended a discount to the Brophy community. All you have to do is mention Brophy and the discount when you book your reservation or drop in. More information

Drop in next week!

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love his Facebook page! POSH on Facebook

James Goodnow ’99 makes Partner at Fennemore Craig

James Goodnow ’99 is an attorney at Fennemore Craig, and most recently made partner. With nearly 200 lawyers, Fennemore Craig is one of the oldest law firms in the western United States. James earned his J.D. from Harvard Law School in 2006.

James and his partner, Marc Lamber run an Injury Law practice under the Fennemore Craig PC umbrella. Visit for more.

Dave Mulligan ’97 (& bandmates) get 1.1M hits on YouTube

(Update October 16, 2012)
Dave and his bandmates, Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers, visit the Valley this weekend. See them live at the Sail Inn in Tempe on Saturday night, Oct 20th. Their YouTube video was published in March and in a month had 1.1M hits, to date they have nearly 1.7M. Don’t miss their performance this weekend.

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(April 30, 2012)
With over 1.1 million hits on YouTube, Dave Mulligan ’97 appeared in a “video gone viral.” Along with bandmates Nicki Bluhm, Dave and band made headlines on the CBS News website with their cover of Hall & Oates 1980s hit “I can’t go for that.”

…that they recorded traveling down a highway
…in a VAN
…with a KAZOO!

Dave is the one in the passenger front seat. Take a listen, if you didn’t like H&O in the 80s, this cover will make you think twice!

Article on CBS News

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Peter Olsen ’90 completes 17th marathon

Peter Olsen ’90 completed his 17th marathon in Odense, Denmark. He’s about to complete his goal of 20 marathons before he turns 40 on May 24th, 2012. Pictured here with his 3 children (none of whom speak English as we found this summer!), Peter was so thrilled that Athletic Director John Chambers helped him get a new Bronco track shirt after all these years!