1998 alumnus Patrick Crowley appearing on Shark Tank on March 21st

shark-tankBrophy alumnus Patrick Crowley ’98 will be appearing on the TV show, Shark Tank on Friday March 21st.

Water conservation has been the focus of his lifes’ work. After graduating Brophy, Patrick received a Masters’ Degree in Hydrology from the University of Arizona, where he was awarded a fellowship from Arizona Project Wet. Patrick then went to work for the Arizona Department of Water Resources in the Judicial Branch as a Hydrologist, working on the resolution of the Colorado River water allocations in Northern Arizona. In 2011, Patrick was inspired to explore the potential of insect protein as a solution to the over consumption of freshwater in our industrialized agriculture sector, eventually starting “Chapul”, selling nutritional bars made from cricket flour. He is on a mission to introduce the idea of eating insect protein to the American public. A comparable amount of cricket protein takes 90% less water to produce than protein from cattle.

Visit his website for more information and watch him next week on Shark Tank! www.chapul.com

Brophy alumnus Mike Haag ’92 to appear on CBS, NOVA

Brophy alumnus Mike Haag ’92 will make an appearance on CBS This Morning on November 11th and an hour-long PBS NOVA program on November 13th to talk about his research and testing on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

1992 haag, mikeHis company Forensic Science Consultants will offer a 3-day course in February 2014 that breaks down a shooting incident reconstruction to include specific terminal ballistic events, examination of projectile penetration, perforation and deflection characteristics, shotgun ballistics analysis, 3D laser scanning, and more.

Mike grew up learning about the field of forensic firearms from his dad, Luke. He has presented and published numerous papers at AFTE conferences, presented in England, and interned with the German Federal Forensics Section (BKA) in Wiesbaden. He is a Distinguished Member of the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners, a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, and many other forensic associations.

Mike is currently the Supervisor of the Firearm and Tool Mark Unit, Controlled Substances Unit, Blood / Breath Alcohol unit at the Albuquerque Police Department Crime Lab. He is a member of the Major Crime Scene Team, and a New Mexico State Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.

Mike’s expertise has been called upon to teach numerous sessions of trajectory analysis and shooting reconstruction at the BATF’s National Firearm Examiner’s Academy, as well as Shooting Reconstruction classes nationwide and Canada, the UK, and Switzerland. Some of his most notable cases have come from as far away as Taiwan and Iraq.

He is one of the few certified Forensic Scientists by AFTE in all three areas including

    Firearm Evidence Examination and Identification
    Gunshot Residue Analysis and Distance Determinations
    and Tool Mark Evidence Examination and Identification

He is also certified by IAI as a Crime Scene Reconstructionist and made appearances on Discovery Channel, NOVA, and has been interviewed by FOX News on firearm related issues. He is author of the authoritative text Shooting Incident Reconstruction.

Aaron Qureshi ’94 receives ordination

1994 Qureshi, aaron (2)

1994 Qureshi, aaronBrophy alumnus Aaron Qureshi ’94 shared news of his ordination to the transitional diaconate at the Basilica of St. Peter’s in Rome on October 3rd for the Archdiocese of Washington (DC). He anticipates ordination to the priesthood of Jesus Christ on June 21, 2014 in Washington. Aaron will conclude studies in Rome in June 2015 and then return to Washington for parish ministry.

Michael Stephens ’97 launches gourmet seasoning

1997 stephens, slavoBrophy alumnus Michael Stephens ’97 launched his own brand blended spices to create Slavo Salt. After leaving Brophy, Michael attended Texas Christian University, graduating with degrees in sociology and business before moving on to get his culinary degree from the California Culinary Academy.
During his 10-year tenure as a chef, Michael developed his special mix of seasonings which would later become Slavo Salt. This special blend of fresh garlic, salt and black peppercorns is perfect for both the seasoned chef and novice cook alike enhancing the natural flavors of meats, veggies, eggs and even Bloody Mary’s.
When it was time to name the product the answer was simple – Slavo, the nickname he picked up while attending Brophy. “There’s no good story behind the name unfortunately” Stephens says “it just stuck with me and always reminds me of my roots in Phoenix and at Brophy.” Slavo Salt is based right here in the Valley and available at local retailers as well as SlavoSalt.com. Visit their website and Facebook page for retail locations, great recipes and cooking tips too!

Photo: Michael Stephens, President of Slavo Salt Gourmet Seasonings

Brophy appoints Head Soccer coach

1998 lewkowitzBrophy Principal Bob Ryan announced this morning that Noah Lewkowitz ’98 has accepted the position of Head Varsity Soccer Coach. Noah’s soccer pedigree is distinguished. While a student at Brophy, Noah was a four year Varsity Letterman and member of Brophy’s 1995 State Championship Team. After Brophy, Noah attended Duke University where he was a four year varsity Letterman and member of Duke’s 2000 ACC Championship team. For the last eight years, Noah has been an assistant coach on our varsity team. Noah not only brings a wealth of soccer expertise but as an alum and current teacher, Noah has a deep understanding of Brophy’s mission and values. In an email to the faculty and staff today Mr. Ryan said, “I look forward to the leadership Noah will provide as he looks to build on the successes and momentum Brophy Soccer has enjoyed under Marc Kelly for the last twelve years.”

Pat Crowley ’98 starts a food revolution

1998 Crowley, Pat

…beginning with water sustainability right here in the U.S.

Water is my passion, and I have dedicated myself to the mission of ensuring that future generations will have a sustainable source of fresh water. I have worked as a water resource planner in several states in the Western US, and have learned firsthand just how unsustainable our water use is. As our growing population increases the demand for water, we are increasing our reliance on a diminishing supply of available water.

Video snag from ABC4/Salt Lake City[field name=iFrame]

I also work as a whitewater rafting guide on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. For thousands of years, this river has been revered as the life blood to many civilizations, but sadly, this magnificent river no longer even flows to the ocean, but is dried up by field after field of high water-use crops, in the middle of the desert. At Chapul, we think the solution is to learn from our ancestors, the native cultures of the American West and Mexico, and to begin incorporating healthy, environmentally sustainable insect protein into our diets here in North America and Europe.

The majority of our freshwater resources here in the Western U.S. go to agriculture, with the majority of that used for livestock production. Insects, however, are incredibly efficient at converting nitrogen plant matter into a very healthy source of protein for humans, while emitting very few greenhouse gases and not requiring nearly as much land resources. They are currently eaten in 60% of countries around the globe, and the only reason we do not here in the U.S. is purely psychological – similar to sushi was before the 1970’s.

I started Chapul with the help of friends and family to leap over this psychological hurdle of eating insects in the United States. If we shift even a fraction of our protein consumption to environmentally friendly, healthy, and delicious insects, we will have a significantly smaller water footprint. . .and maybe the flow of the mighty Colorado River will return to the Sea once again.

So enjoy your Chapul Cricket Bars, and know that you are contributing to the water supply of tomorrow.

-Pat Crowley, Brophy 1998

For more, visit www.chapul.com
or join Pat on FB www.facebook.com/ChapulRevolution