Alumni Now – June 2017

Thoughts from Fr. Philip Postell, SJ

Looking back at Pentecost, by the time the audience reads this, the Feast of Pentecost would have been celebrated two weeks ago. But the insight in this message is one that endures forever. Despite the theology behind Pentecost and the implications for the coming of the Spirit, one might easily overlook the setting of the various Pentecost scenes.

It is a fact that the coming of the Spirit occurs always in a community setting. The Gospel of Luke reinforces this detail with the comment that everybody had come together. The Gospel of John supports this community emphasis with the arrival of the Spirit to the disciples in a community gathering. Mary Magdalene, even though she had encountered the Risen Christ earlier, was not given the Spirit until her return to the community. Jesus seems to have given His spirit to the community who were gathered in fear. After a ten-day reprieve, the community gathered in fear, and was blessed by the Spirit. What are we to make of this community emphasis? How does this impact our attitude toward community as we consider family, civic, and even international developments? Do we pay attention to the practice of togetherness in our family life? Are we sensitive to the implications of global warming in the practical ways we live in Phoenix? Should we be sensitive to the implications of the Paris Peace Accords regarding the environment? Back at home, at Brophy, do we emphasize individual improvement at the cost of communal growth?

The implications of the coming of the Spirit must automatically involve whatever destroys community. Perhaps we might look at our practice of forgiveness, or the lack thereof as we live as family members, and as citizens of the world.

2017-2018 Alumni Service Corps

Brophy College Preparatory is happy to announce the members of the 2017-2018 Alumni Service Corps. We enjoyed a record number of applicants this year. Four of the five new members are Brophy graduates, with the fifth a graduate of Boston College. Congratulations and welcome to Jerry Aguilera ’13, Miguel Castillo ’13, Christopher Dominguez ’13, Timothy Shimon ’13, and Griffin Wong, from Boston College.

College Admissions – Part One

With graduation only a month ago, and in anticipation of a few changes in college choices over the summer, this month we will focus on some generic numbers for the Class of 2017. In August’s newsletter, we will include the colleges our graduates will attend.

The 326 members of the Class of 2017 (up from 295 graduates in 2016) submitted 2,164 college applications and received 1,252 acceptances. Graduates averaged 6.5 applications each, and faculty submitted just over 1,000 letters of recommendation – double last year’s number.

This year, 98% of graduates will attend a four-year college with 50% enrolling at ASU, UA, or NAU. Of the students attending ASU and UA, 42% will enroll in the Honors colleges. Jesuit colleges will become home to 57 of our graduates, with 15 Jesuit institutions represented.

Thank you to Brophy’s counseling department for this information, and watch for College Admissions – Part Two in the August edition of Alumni Now.

Alumni Service Projects

You are aware that our Brophy alumni have tried to focus on one service project every month. Our primary focus has been supporting Circle the City and the Parson’s Family Health Center in their effort to feed the homeless, including Parson’s First Friday monthly breakfast. Because of the challenges associated with continuing the breakfast project during the summer, Parson’s has suspended breakfast service for the months of June, July, and August. Our alumni will not be needed during that time. First Friday breakfast service will resume in September.

Despite this alumni service project being put on hold for the summer, we still encourage you to stay involved as several of our families do. Ray Korte ’64 works in the Circle the City kitchen once a month and his wife, Nancy, helps every Friday to transport food from St. Mary’s Food Bank to the kitchen. She and several of her friends also support an annual fundraiser for Circle the City.

Paul Binsfield ’83 has consistently volunteered at the Parson’s First Friday Breakfast in various capacities – facility guide, food server and goodwill ambassador.

And finally, Greg Kline ’82 and his wife, Lisa, volunteer every month in the Circle the City kitchen preparing and serving Sunday meals.

We encourage you to spend some time this summer assisting Circle the City and Parson’s Family Health Center as they continue to provide services for the most marginalized in our community.

Reunion Updates

Class of ’67 – 50th Reunion

  • Reunion Chairmen – Tom Knoell ’67 and Tom McGeorge ’67
  • Saturday, November 4, 2017

Class of ’77 – 40th Reunion

  • Reunion Chairman – Phil Hershkowitz ’77
  • Saturday, October 14, 2017

Class of ’87 – 30th Reunion

Class of ’92 – 25th Reunion

Class of ’97 – 20th Reunion

  • Reunion Chairmen – Matt Miller ’97 and Matt Morales ’97
  • Saturday, November 11, 2017

Class of ’12 – 5th Reunion

  • Reunion Chairmen – John Medici ’12 and Matt Munhall ’12
  • Friday, November 24, 2017

Alumni Updates

Pete Burr ’07 received the 2017 Arizona Connect2STEM Creative Media Award from Cox Communications, in partnership with the AZ SciTech Festival. Pete was honored for his video work behind the lens and in the classroom.

Alex Borselli ’07 recently graduated from Lehigh University with a Ph.D in mathematics. He will teach math at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa.

Michael Feagles ’16 was chosen male athlete Newcomer of the Year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Michael ranked fourth on the team this year with a 73.11 average and was a First Team All-Big Ten Selection.

Congratulations to Ryan Grotjohn ’13 who has been drafted in the 10th round by the Arizona Diamondbacks, and also to Jake Steffens ’12, who has been drafted in the 29th round by the Chicago Cubs.

Kyle Chalmers ’13 was named the 2017 Philadelphia Inquirer Academic All-Area Tennis Performer of the Year, as well as earning a spot on the Academic All-Area team for the third year in a row. (The tennis gene runs in the family – head coach Eric Chalmers ’10 led the Broncos to a state tennis championship earlier this year.)

Arcadia News recently published an article on Tom Succow and Josh Garcia ’07 as the baseball program leadership transitions from the retiring coach to his former player.

Maxwell Hall ’14, rowing for the University of California-Berkeley, and Costa Theodore ’16, rowing for Cornell, competed at the Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Championship Regatta in Gold River, Calif. Max took third in the men’s third varsity event and Costa placed 11th. Congratulations to Max and Costa, who rowed all four years for Brophy.

Congratulations to Cole Walsh ’13, a second-time All-American in the pole vault with a fifth-place finish at the NCAA track and field championships in Oregon earlier this month.

Bobby Grant ’14 has been named to the SEC Community Service Team, which recognizes athletes with a commitment to community service. Bobby works with Aggies CAN and Helping Hands.

Jesus Mendoza ’87 will be joining the cast for season six of the TNT series Major Crimes as special agent Vega. Jesus, an actor in L.A., has had roles in a variety of television shows, movies, and commercials, and is the brother of Brophy faculty member, José Mendoza ’88.

Alumni Now – May 2017

Thoughts from Fr. Philip Postell, SJ 

One of the best known scripture passages in the bible is the Gospel in the Third Sunday of Easter. This passage discusses the confusion and conversion of the two disciples on their way to a mass. The evangelist Luke describes them walking with eyes downcast. Simply put, they were sad. This probably accounts for the fact that they were fleeing Jerusalem, which according to Luke, was a nerve center of the early Christian community. Fleeing Jerusalem, therefore, is a subtle criticism. They were also sad which prevents them from recognizing Jesus when He joined them.

The psychological condition of sadness might readily inspire a Christian to look at the price of sadness. Sadness, we are told by psychologists, destroys hope. And hope for Christians comes from the resurrection. Small wonder, therefore, that these disciples were confused about the implications and ramifications of the resurrection. But as Jesus recounted to them what had been written down in the prophets, they began to recover. And so, as they neared the time for the evening meal, the two disciples pressed their companion to remain with them. And while they were eating, Jesus broke bread with them and they recognized him. This is a wonderful lesson for us as we cope with sadness. Are we willing to use scripture, pray to our resurrected God, and to join in celebrating the Eucharist?

Faculty Farewells

Many Brophy alumni will remember Tom Succow, Dorothy Dunnion, Deacon Joe Stickney, and Mike Keahon ’73. The Brophy community fondly bids farewell to these four individuals who leave Brophy all the richer for their service. Our alumni have benefited greatly from their teaching, coaching, and guidance.

Alumni Service Projects

The Brophy Alumni Association has partnered with Parsons Family Health Center, a medical center for the homeless. Our volunteers will set up, prepare, and serve a hot breakfast on the first Friday of each month. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to include volunteers ages 15 and up, as well as those ages 10-14 if accompanied by a parent.

At our last breakfast we served 208 meals, a record number! Friendliness, kindness, and consideration are the only requirements of our volunteers – requirements that we know our alumni community fulfills. Services provided by Parsons Family Health Center include hot breakfasts, personal hygiene items, clothing, and medical and other social services. For detailed information regarding the organization and this volunteer opportunity, please contact Tom McCabe ’66, Alumni Community Service Coordinator at or Vicki Maus at

Reunion Update

Class of ’66 – 50th Reunion
Reunion Chairmen – Tom Knoell ’67 and Tom McGeorge ’67
Saturday, November 4, 2017
Class of ’77 – 40th Reunion
Reunion Chairman – Phil Hershkowitz ’77
Saturday, October 14, 2017
Class of ’87 – 30th Reunion
Reunion Chairman – Colin Snider ’87 (
Saturday, October 20, 2017
Class of ’97 – 20th Reunion
Reunion Chairmen – Matt Miller ’97 and Matt Morales ’97
Saturday, November 11, 2017
Class of ’12 – 5th Reunion
Reunion Chairmen – John Medici ’12 and Matt Munhall ’12
Friday, November 24, 2017

Alumni Updates

Amit Gosalia, AuD, 93, received the 2017 Distinguished Service award from A.T. Still University’s Arizona School of Health Sciences (ATSU-ASHS) Alumni Chapter Board. The award honors ATSU-ASHS graduates who have attained local, national, or international distinction. It was presented to Dr. Gosalia at the national audiology convention in Indianapolis on April 5.

Andrew Ahearne 11 graduated May 2016 Summa Cum Laude from Barrett, the Honors College at ASU with degrees in Political Science, French and Education (Secondary Education). Upon graduating, Andrew was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English language and American Politics courses at the University of Luxembourg. He will be returning to the US later this summer.

A Bit of History…

Dr. Ken Herbst ’62 recently visited the alumni office. During that visit, he shared this bit of history:
“As memory serves me, in January 1960 the AAU notified the AIA that Arizona public school students could no longer compete in AAU Olympic qualification because of their policy of not allowing all Arizona high schools to participate in the AIA championships. Father of alumnus Michael A. Greene ’60 was the principal architect of that resolution. The AIA decided that it was in the best interest of Arizona athletics to include all high schools in the AIA including Brophy, St. Mary’s, and Sal Pointe in Tucson. The first opportunity for Brophy to participate in an AIA championship was the Swim and Dive Championship in spring 1960. Fr. Dodd was the coach of that team. Brophy had a sterling group of swimmers and one diver. Suffice it to say, Brophy was determined to win its first opportunity at a championship. When it came down to the final few events, Fr. Dodd noted that one of the eligible swimmers failed to appear at the blocks for that event. He immediately entered the Brophy diver, who garnered the one point that allowed Brophy to win the championship – by one point.”

Alumni Now – November 2016

Thoughts from Father Philip Postell, SJ

In the regular calendar of the year of the Church we approach the conclusion of what is called the Ordinary Cycle. Ordinary in this sense does not mean trivial or routine, but rather a regular cycle of Sundays between Pentecost and Advent. We are passing through the final Sundays of Ordinary Time and approach the season of Advent. Our sequence of the church year parallels what is going on in nature. Leaves fall, grass dies, and in general, nature lies dormant. But even though nature seems to die, we realize that this period is temporary and pulses with expectation of a new year and spring cycle.

The Scripture writers reflect this preoccupation and changes of nature in the way they approach death. Death is simply not the end of existence. It is a door through which we go to life eternal. Jesus continually preaches that he is the God of the living, the God of Isaac and Jacob. So the death that Jesus went through is simply an entrance into life eternal.

We can speculate about what life eternal is, though the Scriptures insist that the eye has not seen nor ears heard the light that await us in the life of the Resurrection. And so Jesus will continue to insist that life eternal motivates us to live a strong and loving life.

A theologian once compared the way Jesus approaches earthly life with the way many human beings approach this life. We human beings measure life that ends in death. Even though we know that death is not the end of our existence, our instinct is to draw a line when we die. But Jesus measures existence the opposite way. Jesus measures existence beginning with death and entering into life eternal. In this way death is not a tragedy but simply a beginning of life eternal. This is his gift to us. It was this cycle of repetition and preparation for Christmas that we celebrate during Advent. We look forward to a new cycle of nature and a new experience of spiritual life this year.

Brophy Football

Brophy football ended its run in the playoffs, and its season, with a 34-33 loss to Red Mountain. Brophy finished with an 8-4 record. Kudos to the #RedArmy, Brophy’s diehard fans and supporters whose energy did a lot to always keep the Broncos going.


Class of ’06 – Ten-year Reunion
Friday, November 25 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Pizza and Beer in the McCain Colonnade

Class of ’11 – Five-year Reunion
Saturday, November 26 from 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Pizza and Beer in the McCain Colunnade

#Giving Tuesday – November 29, 2016

There are those who participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday,
but we are the Broncos…
#Giving Tuesday – Save the Date! – $100K in a Day
We can do this! Stay tuned…more to come…

Alumni Updates

Chris Hoyt ’01, recipient of Brophy’s 2015 St. Francis Xavier Award for Ignatian Identity and Director of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos orphanage in Guatemala, was recently chosen to participate in The Changing of the Rose of Peace on behalf of the orphanage. The annual ceremony commemorates the signing of the Guatemalan Peace Accord ending a 36-year civil war in that country.

Congratulations to Isaiah Oliver ’15, named Pac-12 Special Teams Player of the Week following his five punt returns, including a 68-yard touchdown, in Colorado’s victory over UCLA.

Jonathan Londoño ’10 and his brother Steve Londoño ’05, co-founders of a competitive barbecue team called “Char Wars,” took first place in Brisket at the World BBQ Festival, competing against some of the best teams in the nation! Jonathan Londoño heads Brophy’s Student Advocacy and Outreach Office.

Congratulations to Aaron Gagleard ’08 on being named one of “35 Arizona Entrepreneurs Under 35!”

Many thanks to Rodrigo Dorador ’08 who returned to Brophy recently to speak to our Hermanos Unidos group about his journey rooted in education and advocacy.

Sam Triplett ’14, playing for Northwestern, helped lead his team to a third-place finish in the Bridgestone Golf Collegiate in Greensboro, N.C. Sam finished fourth overall in individual standings with a career best 17 birdies.

Michael Feagles ’16, who plays for Illinois, helped lead the golf team to a win in the East Lake Cup, a tournament showcasing some of the best teams and players in college golf. In addition, Michael placed an impressive fifth place in the individual Stroke Play.

In Memoriam

Adalberto Rodriguez ’05
Sean Michael Weber ’85

Alumni Now – June 2016

Thoughts from Fr. Postell, S.J.  

The Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus, which occurs nine weeks after Easter and one week after the celebration of Pentecost, includes two priorities for the early Christian community, and by extension to our contemporary school community. In one passage, Paul criticizes the early Corinthian community for the class differences evident in the weekly celebration of the Eucharist. One group comes in earlier than the rest and enjoys priority seating. The rest of the congregation comes in later and takes whatever is left over. The seating really is based on economic and social differences. But Paul thinks that the celebration of the Eucharist is an invitation to the people of God, irrespective of their financial and social strength. What they are asked to preach and witness is directly contradicted by their seating arrangement at the Eucharist. There are lessons in this practice for us today. In the gospel, on the same feast, Jesus feeds the five thousand. Who might these 5,000 be? They are probably the poor and the hungry and the homeless, all looking for some message of hope. Jesus preaches salvation to them but also feeds their hunger. To be exact, Jesus enjoins his disciples to feed the multitude. To be sure, there is both the distribution of physical nourishment combined with spiritual healing. As we attend church in our contemporary society, do we stop to realize the implications of receiving the body and blood of Christ with regard to the needs of the poor and the needy and the homeless?

Service Project

We have already, in an earlier issue, discussed the possibility of a new service project. With the impetus of the theology of ministry presented in the thoughts above, we want to announce an opportunity for feeding the homeless. The Parsons Family Health Center aims to feed the homeless every other first Saturday of the month and are looking for volunteers to assist in their efforts. Food is provided and the facility is furnished. The host institution is simply looking for help. Registration for this project is greatly simplified, register HERE. Our hopes are that someday the need for volunteers would be completely filled by Brophy Alumni.

Update on the New Gym

Bill Woods, Brophy’s Athletic Director, reports that construction on “The Dutch” is on schedule and ready for completion in mid-October. Both basketball and wrestling teams are chomping at the bit to enjoy “the finest physical training facility in the state.”  YouTube > 
As we move into the final phase of the construction of the Harry T. Olivier, S.J. Gymnasium, The Dutch, we pause to remember and celebrate the 59th anniversary of Father Olivier’s ordination on June 15, 1957.

Bronco Football News

Every year the football team tries to schedule a game against a high ranking opponent from either Nevada or California. Per Scooter Molander, Brophy’s Varsity Football Coach, the Broncos will play out-of-state opponent Fresno Edison High School (CA) in the Brothers-in Arms Classic on Saturday, August 20th at 2pm. The game will be held at Ventura College in Ventura California. We hope to get great support of Bronco fans everywhere, particularly those in the area. Perhaps the game will excite as much as the November 6, 2015 state playoff game vs Phoenix Pinnacle, which Brophy won 38-37 in double-overtime. That game earned Brophy the Best Game Award at the Arizona Sports Awards ceremony on June 5th. Coach Molander was on hand to accept the award.

Reunion Update

66 50th Reunion
November 5th – 6th
Reunion Contact: Tom McCabe

76 40th Reunion
October 7th – 8th
Reunion Contact:
Reunion Chairs – John Regester, Art Cunningham and Peter Hushek

86 30th Reunion
October 22nd – 23rd
Reunion Contact: Pat Bertenshaw

96 20th Reunion
October 7th – 8th
Reunion Contact: Blair Polachek

A Bit of History

An article from the Arizona Republic in January of 1930 reports some interesting facts about the basketball team. Brophy finished the season with a win over Loyola High School in Los Angeles, 20-11. The record of sixteen victories out of seventeen games was a truly impressive record for the young school. An interesting wrinkle on the schedule of that year reports a substantial loss to Buckeye High. Apparently Brophy played Buckeye with its second team. On its way back from Los Angeles the previous week, the team bus was involved in an automobile accident with injuries suffered by the first team.

Alumni Updates

Class of 2016, we welcome you as alumni and congratulations!

David Vidaure ’96 was recently promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant at the Glendale Police Department. He is currently assigned as a Shift Commander out of the Foothills Patrol Division. He has been with the Glendale Police Department 12 1/2 years.

Chris Beall ’12 wrapped up his ASU baseball career and shares his thoughts with ASU’s Cronkite News.

Congratulations to Devon Allen ’13 (Oregon), Bobby Grant ’14 (Texas A&M) and Cole Walsh ’13 (Oregon) who all made the podium at the NCAA National Championships! Devon is the 110m hurdle champ, Bobby finished 4th in the 4×400 and 400 hurdles, and Cole placed 7th in the pole vault. Next stop, Olympic Trials!

Christian Maggi ’14 celebrated with his Yavapai College Roughriders teammates, the NJCAA National Champions! Christian was their starting right fielder.

Kudos to Matt Emerson ’00, who delivered the commencement address at Central Catholic High School in Modesto, CA. Matt writes and speaks on faith and education and has published a book, “Why Faith? A Journey of Discovery.

Darren Burr ’14, current UofA student, wins the Whiskey Row Marathon on his first attempt at ever running a marathon!

In Memoriam

Lee Perry – father of Geoff Perry ’80 and Chris Perry ’75, grandfather of Greg Genrich ’08

Mary Joy Farre – grandmother of Jack Tiffany ’15Chase Beggs ’17, and mother-in-law of Corey Beggs ’86

James F Sullivan – Father of Michael Sullivan ’79 and Joseph Sullivan ’85

Ted McDonnell – father of Kathleen McDonnell Zywicki  XCP ’75, Joe McDonnell ’76, Sue McDonnell Williams XCP ’77, Terry McDonnell ’78,  Felice McDonnell McCarthy XCP ’79, Brigid McDonnell Borst XCP ’84, and grandchildren Alex Zywicki XCP ’08, J.T. Zywicki ’09John Borst ’11, and Kevin Zywicki ’17