Alumni Now – May 2017

Thoughts from Fr. Philip Postell, SJ 

One of the best known scripture passages in the bible is the Gospel in the Third Sunday of Easter. This passage discusses the confusion and conversion of the two disciples on their way to a mass. The evangelist Luke describes them walking with eyes downcast. Simply put, they were sad. This probably accounts for the fact that they were fleeing Jerusalem, which according to Luke, was a nerve center of the early Christian community. Fleeing Jerusalem, therefore, is a subtle criticism. They were also sad which prevents them from recognizing Jesus when He joined them.

The psychological condition of sadness might readily inspire a Christian to look at the price of sadness. Sadness, we are told by psychologists, destroys hope. And hope for Christians comes from the resurrection. Small wonder, therefore, that these disciples were confused about the implications and ramifications of the resurrection. But as Jesus recounted to them what had been written down in the prophets, they began to recover. And so, as they neared the time for the evening meal, the two disciples pressed their companion to remain with them. And while they were eating, Jesus broke bread with them and they recognized him. This is a wonderful lesson for us as we cope with sadness. Are we willing to use scripture, pray to our resurrected God, and to join in celebrating the Eucharist?

Faculty Farewells

Many Brophy alumni will remember Tom Succow, Dorothy Dunnion, Deacon Joe Stickney, and Mike Keahon ’73. The Brophy community fondly bids farewell to these four individuals who leave Brophy all the richer for their service. Our alumni have benefited greatly from their teaching, coaching, and guidance.

Alumni Service Projects

The Brophy Alumni Association has partnered with Parsons Family Health Center, a medical center for the homeless. Our volunteers will set up, prepare, and serve a hot breakfast on the first Friday of each month. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to include volunteers ages 15 and up, as well as those ages 10-14 if accompanied by a parent.

At our last breakfast we served 208 meals, a record number! Friendliness, kindness, and consideration are the only requirements of our volunteers – requirements that we know our alumni community fulfills. Services provided by Parsons Family Health Center include hot breakfasts, personal hygiene items, clothing, and medical and other social services. For detailed information regarding the organization and this volunteer opportunity, please contact Tom McCabe ’66, Alumni Community Service Coordinator at or Vicki Maus at

Reunion Update

Class of ’66 – 50th Reunion
Reunion Chairmen – Tom Knoell ’67 and Tom McGeorge ’67
Saturday, November 4, 2017
Class of ’77 – 40th Reunion
Reunion Chairman – Phil Hershkowitz ’77
Saturday, October 14, 2017
Class of ’87 – 30th Reunion
Reunion Chairman – Colin Snider ’87 (
Saturday, October 20, 2017
Class of ’97 – 20th Reunion
Reunion Chairmen – Matt Miller ’97 and Matt Morales ’97
Saturday, November 11, 2017
Class of ’12 – 5th Reunion
Reunion Chairmen – John Medici ’12 and Matt Munhall ’12
Friday, November 24, 2017

Alumni Updates

Amit Gosalia, AuD, 93, received the 2017 Distinguished Service award from A.T. Still University’s Arizona School of Health Sciences (ATSU-ASHS) Alumni Chapter Board. The award honors ATSU-ASHS graduates who have attained local, national, or international distinction. It was presented to Dr. Gosalia at the national audiology convention in Indianapolis on April 5.

Andrew Ahearne 11 graduated May 2016 Summa Cum Laude from Barrett, the Honors College at ASU with degrees in Political Science, French and Education (Secondary Education). Upon graduating, Andrew was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English language and American Politics courses at the University of Luxembourg. He will be returning to the US later this summer.

A Bit of History…

Dr. Ken Herbst ’62 recently visited the alumni office. During that visit, he shared this bit of history:
“As memory serves me, in January 1960 the AAU notified the AIA that Arizona public school students could no longer compete in AAU Olympic qualification because of their policy of not allowing all Arizona high schools to participate in the AIA championships. Father of alumnus Michael A. Greene ’60 was the principal architect of that resolution. The AIA decided that it was in the best interest of Arizona athletics to include all high schools in the AIA including Brophy, St. Mary’s, and Sal Pointe in Tucson. The first opportunity for Brophy to participate in an AIA championship was the Swim and Dive Championship in spring 1960. Fr. Dodd was the coach of that team. Brophy had a sterling group of swimmers and one diver. Suffice it to say, Brophy was determined to win its first opportunity at a championship. When it came down to the final few events, Fr. Dodd noted that one of the eligible swimmers failed to appear at the blocks for that event. He immediately entered the Brophy diver, who garnered the one point that allowed Brophy to win the championship – by one point.”