Alumni Now – October 2016

Thoughts from Fr. Philip Postell, S.J.  

Even though the feast of Thanksgiving is more than a month away, the readings for the 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time are an effective introduction to a consideration of giving thanks. The Syrian general Naman approached the Jewish prophet for a cure of his leprosy. When he was finally cured, he returned to Israel wanting to give a gift to Elijah, the prophet. When the prophet refused the offer of a gift, the Syrian general mentioned the beautiful words of Old Testament gratitude, “God is at work at this moment.”

This story is a set up for today’s gospel where Jesus cures the 10 lepers. Of course, the poignant rendition of the cure of ten sick men recounts the fact that nine did not return to say thank you and only one did, namely the Samaritan. One is tempted to ask why the Samaritan and not the other nine? It is interesting to note that in the midst of their sickness, the ten lepers were united as a group. When they approached Jesus, they were together as a community, albeit a sick community. But once they were cured, then the old-time antagonism between Samaritans and Jews reappeared. It is no coincidence that the story takes place on the border between Israel and Samaria, another subtle reinforcement of the theme of true Thanksgiving. Why did not the other nine return to Jesus for thanks? Perhaps they no longer needed the support and assistance of one to help them, of a doctor to cure them. And so they resumed their former attitude. But the one lonely solitary Samaritan had nothing left but to realize that God is at work here and now.

Alumnus of the Year Awards

Brophy is happy to announce that Thomas P. McCabe ’66 has been named the 2016 recipient of the St. Ignatius Loyola Award for Distinguished Service. This is Brophy’s affirmation of an alumnus who is recognized and honored for the ways he personifies the Brophy graduate after graduation.

By happy coincidence, Tom McCabe is serving as Chairman of his class’s 50th Reunion.

Brophy annually presents the St. Francis Xavier award for Ignatian Identity to an alumnus who has graduated within the recent fifteen years. The recipient of this year’s St. Francis Xavier Award is Daniel B. Englander ’04.  Dan’s community outreach started when he was a student at Brophy volunteering at a mobile clinic in Phoenix and Mesa that provides free healthcare to those who cannot afford it.

The Alumni Awards will be presented at the Father-Son Communion Breakfast on Saturday, November 12. To register for the Breakfast, please click here.

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Reunion Update

66 50th Reunion
November 5th – 6th
Reunion Contact: Tom McCabe
Reunion website –

86 30th Reunion
October 22nd – 23rd
Reunion Contact: Kevin Dupont
Reunion website –

06 10th Reunion
Friday, November 25th

11 5th Reunion
Saturday, November 29th

Wedding Anniversaries

Congratulations to Bob Davies ’62 and his wife Gerri, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in July. After graduating from Brophy, Bob enrolled at Arizona State College in Flagstaff (now NAU), the first Brophy grad to enter NAU. He graduated in 1966 and married Gerri that summer. Having played football for four years at Brophy, Bob says he still follows Brophy through every football season.

Paul Praetzel ’61 shared this thought, “55 years later, I am grateful for the disciplines learned at Brophy, blessings from our heavenly Father, and a dear wife of almost 50 years. Oops, not the proper order. Oh, well, I guess it’s back to Anton Renna’s class on critical thinking.”

Alumni Updates

Congratulations to Andy Morgan ’90 who was recently named the Dean of Students at Indiana State University.

Ryan Carver ’95 recently moved from San Francisco to NYC as a Technology Analyst at Voya Investment Management. He has one daughter and is in the process of adopting another!

Steve Ferrara ’87 was recruited by the VA in Phoenix to lead the interventional radiology service where he is increasing access and expanding critical clinical services for the Valley’s vets.

Tom Kaminski ’61, retired school principal with Los Angeles Unified School District, and his wife Linda, Superintendent of Schools for Azusa Unified School District, are living in California. They have three children “all educated, all employed, all out of the house – check, check, check!” They also have two grandchildren, ages two and three.

Rick Ternosky ’64 recently left Southern California for a new residence in Washington to be near the grandkids.

Joe Myers ’60 is retired and living in Boise, Idaho with his wife. Joe says “I’m am proud to be a Brophy graduate and a member of the family.’’ Joe has 4 children, two in grammar school, one in high school and one at Colorado Mesa University who plays on the soccer team.

Orville Glaze ’66 officially retired as of January 2016 and is “enjoying living the life of Riley.”

In Memoriam

Robert C. Williams – father of Colby Williams ’87 and Matt Williams ’90

Beth Schulze Clements – grandmother of Justin Clements ’09

James B. Crowley – father of James P. Crowley ’78 and grandfather of Matthew Tejada ’16 and Ryan Schmidt ’19

James Marsh – grandfather of Benjamin Marsh ’03

Paul Windes ’64

Christopher Michael Haenelfather of Brophy Trustee Michael Haenel, grandfather of Michael Haenel ’06, Philip Haenel ’08, Patrick Haenel ’10, Peter Haenel ’13 and Katie Haenel XCP ’13

Peter Andrews – grandfather of Tom Schisssel ’99, Kate Schissel Healy XCP 02, Jenny Schissel XCP 04, Kristen Schissel XCP 06 and father of Nancy Schissel, XCP Faculty

Robert Steinheiser – grandfather of Andrew Steinheiser ’14 and Rachel Steinheiser XCP 17

Patricia McDermott – mother of Matthew McDermott ’96, Michael McDermott ’91 and Thomas McDermott ’88