Alumni Now – November 2015

Thoughts from Fr. Postell, S.J.  

During the month of November, we focus our attention on the deceased of our community. During November is the month of the holy souls. More importantly, it gives us an opportunity to fix our gaze on the members of our community who have gone before us and now rest with the Lord.

Death is a difficult topic to get excited about. It is often accompanied by feelings of grief, anxiety and separation. Not a few instances of death include significant suffering.

And that is why the gift of Christianity focuses on the hope of the resurrection. “If Jesus has not risen from the dead, our hope is in vain.” Our belief in the resurrection looks at an after-life and stresses the promise of eternal life where we are united with Christ our brother forever.

One thought often occurs to me in our belief in an after-life. It is almost as if we look to eternal life as a kind of fairy tale, merry-go-round Easter egg hunt. A place we will get to watch endless TV, or an exciting game of the World Series, or spend endless hours shopping without worrying about an expense account. I guess there is some consolation in this.

But frankly, we do not know much about the after-life. Though I suspect what we experience will far surpass measures of the material ecstasy we dream about. Jesus once exclaimed, “The eye has not seen” in His attempt to describe the after-life.

In point of fact, we know that we will be united eternally with our Brother who loves us. This is the essential gift of the resurrection. Everything else is a distraction. And that union with Jesus Christ will be perfect, all satisfying and yes, very exciting. This is the mystery of the resurrection and the gift. It is the completion and fulfillment of what we have striven for all of our lives. But after we die, that yearning and that struggling will be fulfilled. Not bad!


I recently heard of a woman who started detailing all the gifts and events in her life for which she was grateful. She would spend each day and recall a list of ten different topics. She wrote them all down. When she got to a thousand, she realized that even with this number, her list was not complete.

Would it be possible for each of us to emulate this practice over the next week and a half as we anticipate Thanksgiving Day?

 Mass for Deceased Alumni

The Mass for Deceased Alumni was held on October 31st in the Brophy Chapel. This annual event takes place on a Saturday morning as close as possible to All Saints/All Souls day. A highlight of the liturgy is a PowerPoint of all deceased alumni who have passed within the last year. This year we included a picture of Fr. Olivier, even though he had not graduated from Brophy.

 Bit of History (submitted by Bob Sloncen ’57)

For the 1953-54 and 1954-55 school years, Brophy had no buses to transport our athletic teams to the games.  The school had 2 old vehicles but had to ask parents to the take team members to our away games. Away games were plentiful because we had no football field or gym for home games. It didn’t take long to figure out that the best ride to any game would be in Rick Johns’ mother’s Cadillac. We would do almost anything to ride with her because her vehicle had the most room and was air conditioned. If you did get to ride with her you were on your best behavior hoping you could ride again to the next game. The football and baseball teams wore their uniforms to the game. It made for a real cozy ride in the back seat.  A bonus for riding with Mrs. Johns was she would sometimes buy dinner after a game.  She was a great lady!

 Alumni Updates

Lane McShane ’84, current Brophy teacher, will present The Legacy of the JFK Assassination. This 52nd Anniversary presentation will explore the how, who and why of the Kennedy assassination on Friday, November 20th from 6:00-8:30pm in northwest corner of the Harper Great Hall at Brophy. The presentation is open to all alumni, parents, faculty, staff and students. To rsvp, click here!

Congratulations to Dave Grounds ’84, President of Dorn Homes, named by The Arizona Republic and AZCentral’s 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards as Best Homebuilder in Arizona, and the Dorn Homes development, Prescott Lakes, was named best master planned community.

Dan Cavanagh ’69 will be honored on National Philanthropy Day November 19th in Tucson for his work with the Fox Theatre. The Fox is listed of the National Register of Historic Places. Dan serves on the Fox Board of Directors and co-hosted the gala celebrating the 85th anniversary of the theatre.

Pat Duncan ’76 was featured on Phoenix Bites highlighting his “Farmer in the House” dining series.


In Memoriam

Judy Schaefer – mother of Scott Schaefer 80, predeceased by son Robert Schaefer 83

Anthony Sammons – grandfather of Andrew Broderick 02, Nick Broderick 05, Maggie Broderick XCP 08, Anna Claybough XCP 09, and Emily Jordan XCP 15

Manuel Morales Silva – father of Steve Silva ’85, Robert Silva ’83, Michelle XCP ’78, Patricia XCP ’79, Elisabeth XCP ’82 and Maria

John Cole Hickcox Sr. – uncle of Polly Fitzgerald XCP 68 and grandfather to Elizabeth Magura XCP 04 and Emma Magura XCP 07.

Jeffrey Rush 02

John Thompson 71

Kirsten Sandnermother of Andrew Sandner 03

Alumni Now – October 2015


October 2015 Edition

Thoughts from Fr. Postell, S.J.  

For the second Sunday of October, many of us were exposed to the famous gospel in St. Mark, the rich young man.

One of the most significant lines in all of scripture is the characterization of this person as sad. I wonder why that is?

We presume that this young man was good, kept the commandments, and did what the religious culture of his times required. Simply put, he was a just and upright person who was a faithful observer of the law. But Jesus called him beyond customary requisites for holiness and invited the man to give up his earthly basis of security. In simple terms, he was challenged to make a life altering choice that would benefit himself and others as well.

But he refused and went away sad. He did not go away bad, but he went away sad.

We have always connected refusal with badness. But we really should connect it with sadness. The refusal to say yes to the invitation to follow Jesus makes us more sad than it makes us bad. It makes us prone to lie, to rationalize, to excuse ourselves and to accuse others. So, in our relationship with Jesus when we say no, the danger is not that we will not receive our due, the danger is more that we will ended up getting everything and enjoying nothing. How sad!


The swim team continues to dominate and work toward their 29th consecutive state title. The cross country team improves steadily every week and hopes for a finish in the top three at state. The Broncos have achieved a football record of 4 – 2 with heart breaking last minute losses against Pinnacle and Desert Ridge—thrilling games but losses nonetheless.

 Annual Mass for Deceased Alumni

This is a reminder of our third annual Mass for Deceased Alumni to be held in the chapel at 10:00am on Saturday, October 31st. After communion we present a slide show of all who have died in the recent year. The number of those who have attended increased dramatically over the last year. If you have not attended before, please join us.

Dallas Alumni Gathering

The Alumni Association hosted a meeting of Brophy alumni at the home of Stewart Keller 73 on the night of Thursday, October 1st. About fourteen alumni assembled to swap stories of their own experiences and to listen to Father Postell report on current developments. He listed the strong projections for future applicants, the positive enrollment at Brophy and the status of the various athletic teams. Someone suggested at the gathering that the school should replicate this experience in other cities. What do you think?

Reunion Preview

Check out the reunion page on Brophy’s website for information on this year’s reunions.

 Are you former player on the Brophy soccer team?

An event is in the works and we want to make sure you are included. Leave your contact info here.

 Bit of History

When most of us who are familiar with contemporary Brophy Prep hear of a school logo or crest, what immediately comes to our minds are the popular “tower” or “bronco” emblems. It may come as a surprise to learn that there is an official school crest that is much more formal, even classical. It combines the history of the Brophy family with influences of the Society of Jesus and even the city of Phoenix. The top of the emblem features three gold “fleur-de-lis” designs taken directly from the original Brophy family crest. In the center of the shield is a green stripe, also from the Brophy family crest, but to which has been added the blue and gold seal of the Society of Jesus, with its monogram “IHS” representing the first three letters of the Greek spelling of the Holy Name of Jesus. To the left of this stripe is placed an inverted crescent borrowed from the Xavier family shield, representing the patron of Brophy, St. Francis Xavier.  And finally, to the right of the center stripe, is the picture of the mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes, representing the city of Phoenix.

 Alumni Updates

Cooper Davis ’10, Brophy 2D Graphic Design teacher and Quidditch team coach, was interviewed by The Guardian about what it takes to be a Quidditch coach, which definitely included a sense of humor!

Congratulations to A.J. Arvizu ’09. He was selected as one of the “40 Under 40: Latinos in Foreign Policy” (#1 spot). A.J. served as a Brophy Alumni Service Corp volunteer for 13-14 school year.

Louis Coppelli ’06, a loan officer with Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., recently visited Brophy juniors and seniors of Mr. Blair Cook’s class, Principles of Consumer and Business Finance, with his presentation Credit Competency. The presentation focused on preparing a plan for a healthy credit future and how to avoid the pitfalls many young people find themselves in.

Look who is representing the Broncos on the Saint Louis University swim team:
Left to right: Cal Higgins ’15, TJ Decker ’13, Ryan McCoy ’14, Isaiah Williams ’15, Matt Martinez – former assistant coach12-13


In Memoriam

Julia Angela Lee Bean XCP ’00 – sister of Alex Bean 98

Joe Davis – former Jesuit at Brophy 1961-67

Marianna Dains Korte – mother of Ray Korte ’64, Karen Robertson XCP ’66, Kristine Morris XCP ’67, and Virginia Korte XCP ’71, and predeceased by son Fred Korte

Dr. Carlos Carrion – father of Daniel Carrion ’77, Patty Ragsdale XCP ’78, Alex Stark XCP ’80, six grandchildren including Elina Stark XCP and Nick Stark ’06

Helen Grant – mother of Richard Grant 61, David Grant 68, Jerry Grant 70, Sally Grant Cohen XCP ’64, Mary Grant Avina XCP ’75, Meg Grant XCP ’77, Christine Grant XCP ’82,  and grandmother of Myles Grant 98, Mark Grant ’05, Lee Anne Grant XCP ’02, Megan Grant XCP ’02, and Jeanette Grant XCP ’00.

Royal Lee Swanberg ’56