In Memoriam: Michael Heraty ’10

IMG_7916 (Medium)Written by Lauri and Michael Heraty
Michael Richard Heraty moved with his parents from Pagosa Springs, Colorado to Phoenix specifically to attend Brophy. He graduated with honors in 2010, one of the “Men of Ten”; in his words “those were the best 4 years of my life.” It was at Brophy where he began his mastery of the Spanish language passion for Latin Americans.
Michael somehow knew his time with us would be short and he became determined to make it count.
He followed dreams, not rules. He was bold and brave. Michael traveled fearlessly.
He was inspired by people, connected by their human spirits, each unique, in diverse settings and circumstances.
He easily crossed social boundaries that separated more rigid thinkers.heraty
He created immense fun out of ordinary events, and extraordinary events out of immense fun.
Michael was creative and whimsical, in his stories, written and verbal.
He was mischievous and loved to create elaborate practical jokes.
He was controversial, but often considerate and kind. Michael was endlessly curious and tremendously intelligent.
He lived life passionately and with little fear. He was an encourager to the timid and fearful.
Michael helped others to grow by stretching from where they were, to where they could go.
Michael dearly loved his little brother Gabriel Mateo who reached a part of his heart that stayed hidden from others.heraty 2
Michael left our world half way thru his 5-month “Mega Trip”, just 15 days after his 23rd birthday. His life in this world was ended by an unidentified assailant on April 1, 2015 in Honduras. He had been visiting the the family he had lived with during the summer of 2008 while part of the Amigos de Las Americas Program. He has left a hole in the hearts of many, though we know we shall be reunited with Christ in His home.
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