Alumni Now – August 2015

Thoughts from Father Postell, S.J.

It always comes as a surprise to note the frequency in the gospels of the feeding of the multitude. It occurs as often as six times and probably refers to one event; though one has to remember that since this written narrative occurs some thirty years after the actual events, there may be some variations, depending on what point the evangelist wants to make.

One has to wonder how the multiplication of the food took place. Was it a reminder of the Passover event where the Chosen People received food from heaven? Was it a stress by the gospel author to stimulate community consideration? By that, I mean was it an occasion whereby the actual members of the assembly were moved to share what they had with others in the audience so that the result was an actual surplus at the end of the meal?

Is the real point the feeding of the multitude? Or is the real point, in fact, the meeting a need of the people of God by Jesus? Is the feeding a physical miracle or a faith miracle, where Jesus determines to take care of the needs of his people, both physical and spiritual? Indeed, this is a miracle to be sure, a miracle of love, hope and faith.

College Admissions

The topic of college admissions continues to be of major interest to our alumni. Where students apply and enroll has certain implications for the kind of program Brophy maintains. It might be interesting to discover that out of a class size of 314, 2,400 college applications were submitted. This averages out to 8 applications per student, a sensational increase in the number as compared with 40 years ago. Incidentally, Brophy teachers composed 458 recommendation letters on behalf of graduating seniors. 42% of our students are attending Arizona colleges, and 45% of those will be attending honors colleges. 53 students will attend 16 different Jesuit colleges. The recently graduated class applied to 313 separate colleges and plan to enroll at over 100 different colleges.

It should come as no surprise to learn that ASU received 235 applications and University of Arizona 182, with Santa Clara next in line with 56. Fordham and NAU follow closely with 46 each.

As for actual enrolling, ASU signed up 85 this year, while UofA enrolled 44. 11 students enrolled at Santa Clara, 8 chose Creighton. An interesting side note, out of 85 students who enrolled at ASU, 47 have been accepted into Barrett, the Honors College. And, even though the honors programs at UofA and ASU have become increasingly selective, Brophy percentages remain strong.

2015 Brophy Varsity Football Season Outlook

For the third year in four seasons, Broncos football begins early with fall camp practice and Manresa retreat beginning in late July.  Likewise, the team will play an out-of-state opponent for the third time in four seasons, fourth time overall.  Brophy was invited to participate in the Brothers-In-Arms Classic in the San Diego area, Saturday, August 29th.  The event features a series of high school football games matching well-known opponents over two days, in celebration of our United States military personnel.

Following an AIA one-year realignment, Brophy football will complete in new Division I, Section 1, with section opponents Chandler (the defending Division I state champions), Hamilton, Basha and Perry.  In an effort to achieve competitive balance, the AIA assigned seventeen of the top football programs to new Division I.  Recognizing that all the Division I teams are perennial playoff qualifiers, 16 teams will advance to the Division I post-season playoffs.  To accommodate a 17-team schedule, a bye week was added this season.

The 2015 Broncos’ season kicks off Friday, August 21st at Sandra Day O’Connor, then involves a game against Cathedral High School in Carlsbad, CA, onSaturday, August 29th. Mark your calendars for the first time home game with Liberty at Phoenix College on Friday, September 4th.


New Gym in Progress

Much has been said over the past several years about the proposed addition to the gym facilities at Brophy. It was said to be an add-on to the present gym, a duplication of what we presently enjoy, or even a separate building. Whatever the case, construction has already begun and our readers can follow the progress on the Brophy webcam, hourly or even every eight seconds. Fr. Reese has a name for the new edifice, “The Dutch” in memory of long time Jesuit priest favorite Harry “Dutch” Olivier, S.J., whose death we celebrated four months ago. And we are assured that next summer at this time, the new gym, a separate building, will be finished. How is that for progress?

From the Brophy Community Foundation

Brophy alums and their families represent 50% of the Arizona taxpayers choosing the Brophy Community Foundation for their annual private tuition tax credit donation.  It is reasonable that those who have experienced this kind of education and inspiration “For Others” should feel the connection.  It is remarkable that this annual support will help provide tuition aid for more than 2,000 students this school year.  On August 11, 2015, a letter to the editor of the Arizona Republic was submitted by the Brophy Community Foundation in response to recent news about Arizona’s tax credit programs.  Among the many pros/cons to the private tuition tax credit, it is worth noting that the BCF has been rated #1 for two consecutive years in an independent review of Arizona STOs.  Your continued support is so appreciated and critical to continuing this work.

A Bit of History

RIP James Lewis Palmer, 1918-2015. As much as we can ascertain, we call attention to the death of the oldest surviving alumnus of Brophy College Preparatory. Jim was one of those students who got caught in that awkward moment when, because of the Great Depression, Brophy had to close its doors. Jim would have graduated in 1936, but the school folded in 1935. Jim spent his last year of high school at Bellarmine Preparatory in San Jose. We have always understood that the students in that class were awarded diplomas from Brophy.

Since James Palmer was our oldest living alumnus, we take our hats off to a man who later joined the United States Navy, saw action in World War II in the South Pacific, married and fathered seven children and finally spent an active part of his life working for the church and participating in the work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Alumni Updates

  • Circle the City is grateful for Brophy alumni family involvement. “You do not realize the extent your time and talent continues to touch Circle the City patients and staff. Thank you for being men and women for others at a time and a place to heal.” Michael Santeusanio, Circle the City Manager of Service Excellence. Contact Tom McCabe at to learn about the volunteer opportunities at Circle the City, the Brophy Alumni Association’s selected community service project.                            ​Philip Stevens ’95 received his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in Language, Reading and Culture. He subsequently applied for and received a tenured track professorship at the University of Idaho in the anthropology department.

    Tyler J. Carrell ’03 will serve a year-long term as President of the State Bar of Arizona Young Lawyers Division, while concurrently serving as President of the Maricopa County Bar Association Young Lawyers Division. No attorney has ever held these positions at the same time.

    Scott Day Freeman ’84, a shareholder in Fennemore Craig’s Phoenix office, has been elected President of the Arizona Association of Defense Counsel.


    Brian Weisel ’68 Salina Regional Health Center’s Quality Improvement Director in Salina, Kansas, has been named to the Board of Examiners for the 2015 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award by the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. Read more about this honor here!Congratulations to Tom Ottman ’15 (500 Free, 400 Free Relay), Isaiah Williams ’15 (400 Free Relay, Medley Relay), Grady Ottomeyer ’15(200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay), DJ Brown ’15 (200 Free Relay, Medley Relay) and Cal Higgins ’15 (Medley Relay) who were recently named National High School All-American Swimmers by the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA).

    U-Haul International Executive V.P. Stuart Shoen ’98 shared his experience regarding making summer internships count Also interviewed are Amir Khawaja ’15, Brenner Nathan ’15, Garrett Pedicini ’15 and Martin Rodriguez Nunez ’15.

    Congratulations to Paris Dennard ’00 who recently joined the Government Affairs team at the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) as Legislative Director. Paris will work to advance TMCF public policy and funding priorities across party lines before Congress and the Executive branch.

    Justin Glenn ’63 has completed his book The Washingtons: A Family History. Volume 3 and Vol. 4 (Part 1 and Part 2) have just appeared. The entire series includes ten volumes in fourteen parts, about 6,000 pages in all. Congratulations to Justin on this incredible undertaking, which he started at age 29, having just celebrated his 70th birthday a few months ago!

    Gibby Gorman ’77, retired Captain of the Tempe Fire Department, is now Battalion Chief of the Maricopa Fire Department. Gibby is married to Dr. Andrea Gorman, a nutritionist and personal trainer.

    Brophy alumni, did you graduate from the St. Gregory’s Class of 1960? If so, your St. Gregory’s reunion is scheduled for November 6, 2015. Complete details and registration forms are available at:

In Memoriam

Harriet Haskell – mother of Christopher Brown ’74

Jerome Philip (Jerry) Murphy ’69

Raymond Jennett, Jr. ’63

Louden Frank – brother of Chase Frank ’13 and son of former Brophy faculty member Brad Frank

Carol Zacher – mother of Richard Zacher ’82, Michael Zacher ’84,

Kevin Zacher ’88 and Keith Zacher ’88 and grandmother of John Zacher ’17 and Matthew Zacher ’18. She was predeceased by her son John Zacher ’83

Michael Curleymember of Brophy’s Board of Trustees and father to Kevin Curley ’10, Christopher Curley ’13 and daughter Elizabeth

Angeline Basile – grandmother of Zac Basile ’14, Max Basile ’17 and Jessie Basile XCP 16

Larry Tucker – grandfather of Mack Regan ’12 and Connor Regan ’17

Viola Ohaco Anderson – mother of Larry Anderson ’66, Christopher Anderson ’68, aunt of Greg Pafford ’77 and grandmother ofZachary Faust ’18

Diane Taylor – mother of Eric Taylor ‘91, Lana Taylor Holmes (XCP) and Jill Taylor Gaynor (XCP), grandmother of Matthew Holmes ’17, Katie Holmes (XCP ’19) and Brendan Gaynor ’17

Arthur Charles Riedmann – father of William Riedmann ’74