Alumni Now – June 2015 Edition

Thoughts from Father Postell, S.J.

Within the last few weeks, the church has celebrated the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. Few people remember that one of the reforms of Vatican II over 40 years ago was the method of receiving the Eucharist. Of course, all of this was based on a theology of bringing the body of Christ closer to the people of God. Hereafter, it would no longer be the monopoly of the clergy. So, the laity was encouraged to receive communion in the hands rather than on the tongue and also to receive the precious blood from the cup.

For our purposes, it might be helpful to examine changing theology as a changing attitude, and by attitude I mean the image of open hands as opposed to closed fists.

You do not enter the Eucharist with a closed fist. For that matter, we do not greet one another with a closed fist. That image convokes fear, control, even resentment. The clinched fist gives the connotation of being closed. One, for instance, does not eat with a clinched fist. One does not shake hands and greet one another with a clinched fist.

Certainly we are encouraged to receive the body of Christ with open hands. The attitude of open hands is one of welcome, companionship, indeed even community and family. Open hands convey communication rather than opposition or control.

What is our attitude with which we receive the body and the blood of Christ? Do we open ourselves to the grace of growth contained in the body of Christ? Do we approach communion with clinched fists where we fear to be changed? Do we want control or are we open to be moved by a love force greater than ours? This attitude of open hands and clinched fists is symbolic of the attitude with which we build community, establish families, and solidify regions.


The Newest Graduating Class

Every year in the transition period of graduation, we remind the class of the need we have here at Brophy for the continued financial support of our alumni. Simply put, we will survive in the future, not just on tuition dollars, but on the sympathetic response of alumni who treasure the benefits of their Brophy Jesuit education. And so it is with great pride that we can announce that the Class of 2015 has already produced nine contributions to the Men of ’15 scholarship endowment. The total of these nine gifts support approximately ¼ of a student’s annual tuition.



The school enjoyed 630 completed applications for the Class of 2019. We plan on opening the school year with a total approximating 355 for the class. This may constitute one of the largest classes in the history of the school. Moreover, we experience the usual diversity of 105 zip codes and 98 different elementary feeder schools. The incoming class reflects the ethnic diversity of the city of Phoenix.

Service Project

The Alumni Association continues to stimulate interest in a new opportunity at Circle the City. The first orientation was held early in the month of May and hosted some ten alumni and/or spouses. The next orientation is on July 11th, we hope to be able to furnish an even greater number of participants. To sign up, contact


Check out the Reunion Updates!

A Bit of History

RIP James Lewis Palmer, 1918-2015. As much as we can ascertain, we call attention to the death of the oldest surviving alumnus of Brophy College Preparatory. Jim was one of those students who got caught in that awkward moment when, because of the Great Depression, Brophy had to close its doors. Jim would have graduated in 1936, but the school folded in 1935. Jim spent his last year of high school at Bellarmine Preparatory in San Jose. We have always understood that the students in that class were awarded diplomas from Brophy.

Since James Palmer was our oldest living alumnus, we take our hats off to a man who later joined the United States Navy, saw action in World War II in the South Pacific, married and fathered seven children and finally spent an active part of his life working for the church and participating in the work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Alumni Updates

  • David Marotz ’98 recently earned his MBA from Yale School of Management, a program focused on Leadership in Healthcare. He is currently working in Minneapolis for Surescripts.Christopher Hoyt ’01 celebrated his second anniversary as National Director of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos!Kyle Chalmers 13was voted the 2015 Philadelphia Inquirer Men’s Tennis Academic All-Area Performer of the Year


In Memoriam

Donald C. Kuzela ’64

James L. Palmer ’36

Michael and Cecilia Frakes – parents of Tim Frakes ’82, Brian Frakes ’83, Ken Frakes ’91 and Tony Frakes.

Robert Oliphant – father of Alexander Oliphant ’80

Father John Lo Schiavo, S.J. – Brophy’s Assistant Principal from 1958 – 1961

Warren Herrgott – father of Alexander Herrgott ’99

Maria Tibajia –  mother of Norman Tibajia ’17