Mick Ebeling ’88 releases new book Not Impossible

1988 ebeling, mick (not impossible labs)Brophy alumnus (1988) Mick Ebeling’s new book Not Impossible which was released last week, explores his lifelong mission to change the world. His company, Not Impossible Labs, was created to solve medical problems that seemed to be unsolvable and do it in a do-it-yourself kind of way.

In 2009, Mick and his team created the Eyewriter for a graffiti artist struck down by ALS and unable to express himself creatively. Ebeling and his company built a pair of glasses that could track eye movements allowing the artist to work again. In 2013 Project Daniel was formed to manufacture a limb from a 3-D design for a teenage boy in Sudan who lost both arms in a bomb blast. When Daniel used the 3-D-printed left arm to feed himself, it was the first time in two years he’d been able to do so.

1988 ebeling (bookcover)

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