Alumni Now -August 2014 Edition

Thoughts from Fr. Postell, S.J.

It probably would come as no surprise to a student of scripture to hear that various accounts of the feeding of the multitude occur at least six times in the gospel. This certainly reinforces the priority that Jesus gives to food. Whether it is pieces of food or spiritual nourishment, Jesus is concerned to alleviate the hungers of His followers.

It is a facile conclusion to assume that the physical act of eating is not a priority in the emphasis of Jesus. But in every account of the feeding of the throng, Jesus seemed to emphasize that hearing the words of Jesus presupposes that His audience is not going hungry.

Jesus seemed to assume that starvation impedes the proper assimilation of His spiritual message. There is certainly precedent for this in many passages of the Old Testament.

For those of us who follow the teaching of Jesus Christ, we might take a proper look at the emphasis He places on the physical act of nourishment. Perhaps this is why He is so sensitive to collecting the scraps that are left over after The Miracle of Loaves and Fishes. One has to wonder whether we who belong to the community at Brophy could be more sensitive to wasting food, or even better, be creative about sharing some of our food surplus with those that go to bed hungry every night. Do we waste? Are we even sensitive to waste?

When Jesus multiplies the loaves and fishes, He recruits the disciples to help distribute the food. Perhaps Jesus the Lord is asking us to be His “Wait Staff”: to feed people, to serve them, to love them.

Football news

Did you know that the Broncos will open the season against Bishop Gorman from Las Vegas on August 22nd? This Nevada Catholic school is considered an athletic powerhouse and will prove a real challenge. The team is excited about traveling out of state.


The school’s retreat center escaped damage from nearby forest fires in the Oak Creek area. However, because of the liability of evacuating a large number of students on a moment’s notice, and because of the very dry conditions, the facility will be closed through the middle of October.

Service Project

St. Mary’s Food Bank has offered two dates for alumni participation: Saturday, August 16th 12:00pm-3:00pm and Saturday, September 13th from 8:00am-11:00am. Email your participation interest to Efforts continue at establishing a routine monthly opportunity for our volunteers.

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A Bit of History

Whenever I hear the word “Pinto” I think of a type of bean. But, as a matter of fact, the mascot for Brophy in its early history was “The Pinto.” I am looking at an article from The Arizona Republic of February 10th, 1935 and note that the Brophy Pintos beat Hayden in a basketball game by a score of 43-1. We all know how the Pintos later became the Broncos. At least we kept it in the horse species.

Alumni Updates

Wyatt Harris ’99 received his Executive MBA from Columbia Business School in May.

Jackson Santy ’13 was chosen as an 1870 Award Finalist at Loyola University Chicago, which honors a first-year student who has exemplified the Year One goals of The Loyola Experience.

Dennis Juarez ’10 is one of five people matriculating into UC Irvine’s Medical Scientist Training Program (dual degree MD/PhD).

Michael Rathwell ’04 married Betsy Neal of Seattle, Washington on April 5, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Steve Ferrara, MD ’87 is an Interventional Radiologist and Captain in the U.S. Navy, completing multiple worldwide deployments from Afghanistan to Africa and the Middle East to Indonesia. He was a National Academy of Sciences Congressional Health Policy Fellow on the Energy and Commerce Committee, which oversaw multiple federal agencies including HHS, FDA, and the NIH. He was asked to serve as the Navy’s Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Chief of Medical Operations. Steve and his wife, Elizabeth — a Pediatric Nephrologist, live just outside of Washington, DC with their two children. (photo right)

Need a boost? Alexander LaCroix ’03 has tapped into the energy drink market as one of the founding partners of Mental Mojo powdered drink mix, and recently made the cover of the Phoenix Business Journal.

J.J. Jansen ’04, long snapper for the Carolina Panthers, earns respect for ‘specialists everywhere’ earns respect for ‘specialists everywhere’.

Mark Nelson ’04 is Media Manager for Major League Soccer’s Portland Timbers.

Tyler J. Carrell ’03, an Associate with Gallagher and Kennedy, has been elected to serve as president of the Young Lawyers Division for the State Bar of Arizona. As if that isn’t enough to celebrate, Tyler and his wife Stephanie welcomed their first baby Wilson Charles Carrell this past June. Can you say Bronco ’32? (photo right)

Per The Arizona Republic, Chef Chris Collins ’01 gives southern food a modern update at Grassroots Kitchen and Tap, located in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Sean Summers ’11 and Anchal Jain ’13 study mechanical engineering at USC. This year they worked together on the school’s intercollegiate, international race: USC Racing. Next year Sean will be president of the racing team and Anchal will be powertrain lead. The car is affectionately named Nikki. (photo below)

David Ross ’06 graduated from Bucknell University. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Georgetown while working for the U.S. Trade and Development Agency in Washington D.C. His work has taken him to Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Eurasia, and East Asia.

In Memoriam

Eric P. Atencio ’81
Frank M. Barrios ’60
Allan Burklund ’77
Mike Gormley ’71
Hernan Herrera ’09
Troy Hudacko ’89
Michael F. Knill ’81
Daren Jon Krupa ’66