1998 alumnus Patrick Crowley appearing on Shark Tank on March 21st

shark-tankBrophy alumnus Patrick Crowley ’98 will be appearing on the TV show, Shark Tank on Friday March 21st.

Water conservation has been the focus of his lifes’ work. After graduating Brophy, Patrick received a Masters’ Degree in Hydrology from the University of Arizona, where he was awarded a fellowship from Arizona Project Wet. Patrick then went to work for the Arizona Department of Water Resources in the Judicial Branch as a Hydrologist, working on the resolution of the Colorado River water allocations in Northern Arizona. In 2011, Patrick was inspired to explore the potential of insect protein as a solution to the over consumption of freshwater in our industrialized agriculture sector, eventually starting “Chapul”, selling nutritional bars made from cricket flour. He is on a mission to introduce the idea of eating insect protein to the American public. A comparable amount of cricket protein takes 90% less water to produce than protein from cattle.

Visit his website for more information and watch him next week on Shark Tank! www.chapul.com