Living Advent every day…

Postell-2011The season of Advent can probably best be captured by the attitude of two words “watching” and “waiting.” We refer to Advent as a season, if you will a liturgical season, but Advent is also a way of life. It is a way of life lived in watchfulness for the God who comes; not just at Christmas, but every day in various ways and through various people. So we wait, not passively, but actively.

Perhaps the secret of actively waiting is based on the belief that what we await is already on its way. Those who wait actively have faith that the seed of the future has been planted and that growth has already begun. Perhaps it is a good idea to let go of our wishful thinking, like “I wish I had a better job” and to start hoping. Often when we are willing to let go of our wishes, something beyond our own expectations can really happen. What we need to learn to do is to hope. We should be willing to give up control over a future so that God is free to define our lives.


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