A Season of Change

Postell-2011Almost any scriptural commentary during this season of the year stresses the importance in the changes of the environment. This is to say, comments are made about the shortening of the days and the lengthening of the darkness. It is almost as if we are reaching a limit of darkness which nature can scarcely tolerate. After this comes the explosion of light.

Even so, we still have a way to go, a greater capacity for tolerating darkness. The breakpoint occurs on December 21st. We have approximately a month to test the experience of the old year, the shortening of the days, and gaining a perspective by the change of seasons.

This change of seasons is the foundation for certain psychic and/or spiritual moments in our internal lives. Most of us do not ignore the yearly evolution of nature. We know that changes are taking place. Even at the most basic level, on a perhaps subconscious stratum, people sit up and take notice.

Have we taken for granted a level of performance that is mediocre? Is something scratching at us that urges improvement? Do we think that God is calling us to an awareness that is more personal, more familiar, and more intense?

Are we satisfied with the care and concern that we show for our family, our friends, our church?

As the year ends and we anticipate a new beginning in nature, can we parallel that change in our spiritual lives and take a look at trends that are unproductive and even selfish.

Have we gone through a process of discernment that reveals a downward slide? Are we gearing up our energy for a new day? Are we prepared to offer a truly sincere Thanksgiving of faith, family and fullness?

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