Brophy community fully-endows fund in memory of Robby Mayasich ’10

mayasichBrophy Prep announces today the full endowment of the Robby Mayasich ’10 Memorial Fund.

Robby entered Brophy in August of 2006, a kind-hearted, exceptionally bright, athletic, and musically gifted young man. He died tragically in March 2010, in the spring of his senior year. In remembrance of Robby, Brophy students organized a drive-thru “Donate Life” campaign, which became the largest high school organ donor drive in the state.

Through the generosity of Robby’s family, friends, and the extended Brophy and Channel 12 communities, $140,000 has been raised for a need-based scholarship. Beginning in the fall of 2014 and every year after, this endowed fund will allow Brophy to award financial aid to one or more qualifying students who would not otherwise be able to attend Brophy College Preparatory.

Robby’s parents, Dan and Landis Mayasich, said upon hearing the news, “What a perfect way to celebrate Robby’s birthday this October 11th. He was always so sensitive to the needs of those less fortunate. To know that a deserving young man will get a world-class education every year at Brophy College Prep in his memory is such a fitting tribute to Robby and the way he lived his life. We’re so thankful to the long list of donors who generously gave to this fund. Thank you for honoring our sweet boy in such a beautiful way.”

Robby’s legacy as a giver continues: through his life, through his gifts as an organ donor, and now in perpetuity through this gift of a Brophy education for generations to come.

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