Quantifying humility

pope-washes-feetI have a question for you, how does one consider the topic of humility? By its very nature, any attempt to quantify humility leads to self enhancement, which is a contradiction. We don’t say that we are more humble than our neighbor. Otherwise to say this is not to be humble. Yet, we do recognize the humility in our neighbor or family member. Even considering humility is a by-product of an attitude, there are some characteristics of a person with humility. Such a person thinks of themselves in relation to God, and perhaps the needs of her brothers and sisters. He or she rather is more concerned with being of assistance than calling attention to self. And if he or she is attuned to God, then perhaps he or she is sensitive to those in need and thus a very humble person. Does not the word humility derive from the Latin word, which translated, means pertaining to the ground? If we are humble we are grounded. Grounded is a reality of a God centered universe which created everyone as brothers and sisters.

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