Spiritual vigilance

st-ignatiusWe read in sacred scripture about the necessity for spiritual vigilance. The reason for such vigilance is that we do not know when we will die. There are warnings about misdirected priorities wherein we store up treasures which the world considers valuable. Jesus argues against accumulating material possessions and extreme wealth. He argues rather for priorities which place emphasis in another direction. But what Jesus is really suggesting is not so much a program motivated by fear – behave yourself because you may die tonight – but rather a life built on a continual and developing relationship with that of Jesus, Our Lord and Savior. So that one day, when we do meet Him, we will know all along that we have lived with Him and with those we have loved and cared for. We live productively and faithfully, not because we fear to meet Jesus, but because we desire to meet Jesus.

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Photo from discerninghearts.com