In Memoriam: Mary Malone

Please keep the Malone and Pidgeon families in your thoughts and prayers. A funeral mass for Mary Malone will take place on Friday, July 27th at 10:00am in the Brophy Chapel. Father John Martin will preside. Mary is the sister of Kathy Pidgeon & husband Greg, and aunt to their sons Tyler ’03, Greg ’07 and Austin ’08.

Stephen Watson ’78 and JPL anxiously await Mars Science Laboratory landing

NASA news from our inside man at JPL, alumnus Stephen Watson ’78: The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) landing is quickly approaching on the night of Aug 5th. Currently, we are 12 days from Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL), the famed 7 Minutes of Terror (video below.) Details can be found on JPL’s MSL page ( and live coverage on NASA TV at 8:30 PM PDT on Aug 5th, with the landing at 10:31 PM PDT.

Chapel weddings and baptisms, June 2012

Martin Sims ’01 married Jamie Reardon (XCP ’01) on June 2, 2012. Father Olivier presided.

Matthew Smith ’06 wed wife Jennifer on June 9, 2012. Father Olivier presided.

David French ’98 and wife Kirsten Frances Alber French (XCP ’00) baptized son James Patrick on June 2nd.

Christopher Sheedy ’87 and wife Cari Hargis Sheedy (XCP ’02) baptized son Max James on June 28th. Msgr Richard Moyer presided.

Chris Benguhe ’86 begins new project “Writing your Life: American Stories”

Internationally published Phoenix author Chris Benguhe kicks off his national projects tour aimed at helping everyday Americans realize the value of their lives by teaching them how to write their life’s story.

PHOENIX, AZ, June 25, 2012 / PRESS RELEASE / Former tabloid writer, Chris Benguhe, aims to change the world through teaching individuals to value their own lives – by writing about them.

A Phoenix native, Benguhe gave up his past life of covering the glitz and glam of Hollywood to write self-help books, endorsed by notable figures such as Deepak Chopra. Now, he wants to help everyday Americans find the value in their lives by learning to put it on paper in his next book, a multi-faceted compilation called “Writing your Life: American Stories”.

Benguhe’s mantra is that everyone has their own story to tell.

“Our media today is saturated with sensational tales of fame and fortune. But the everyday stories of hardworking hopeful Americans who are living the real American dream by making their lives meaningful through their faith, families, friends, and communities are lost,” Benguhe stated.

The Writing Your Life Project is Benguhe’s response for a country divided and confused by mass media’s focus on the rich and famous, or what he calls the “special people”. His solution will be to find and help real tried-and-true Americans tell their stories.

Stories like the schoolteacher who figured out how to feed her students by getting local food banks to contribute weekly. Or the immigrant who came to this country with 25 dollars and turned that into a successful business employing dozens of others and becoming the backbone of his community. Or the veteran pushed to the brink of suicide by PTSD who gets a new lease on life when asked to help build a community center for underprivileged children.

Benguhe will travel to 10 cities in America, finding five writers in each who will participate in one-on-one writing classes aimed at developing story points, character development and self-realization. Then they will write their life into a short story that will be included in a book called “Writing Your Life: American Stories”.

Find out more at The Humanity Projects.

Nick Matesi ’84 delivers nonstop coverage of Colorado Springs fires as TV GM

Prayers for our friends in Colorado as they continue the battle with wildfires. Alumnus Nick Matesi ’84 is the GM of KKTV Ch 11 in Colorado Springs where friends tell us they’ve been covering the fires for over 100 hours nonstop. He’s quoted writing, “Our Katrina moment. This is the worst thing I’ve been involved in more than 20-years in television…”

As wildfire rages, Colorado Springs station delivers days of nonstop breaking news