Father Postell appoints Alumni Organizational Board

So many accomplishments take place in an average month, most of which are of vital concern to present students and their families. But there is a list of significant activities which stimulate the traditional and historical awareness of the alumni with regard to their alum mater. The newly formed Organizational Board will help the Director of Alumni, Father Phil Postell S.J., by providing guidance and direction in making decisions for the quality of alumni life at Brophy.

Meet our Board members…

Jeano M. Birdoes Jr. ’71

David C. Brown Jr. ’85

Kevin R. Cleveland ’90

Ed W. Hendricks, Sr. ’59

Tom Leander ’82

Thomas P. Manos ’70

Joseph Melczer, III ’66

Michael Z. Strittmatter ’05

Volunteer your time this Easter

The Alumni Organizational Board offers Brophy Alumni the opportunity of working at the downtown Human Services Campus the afternoon of Good Friday, April 6th, from 1:30 to 5:30pm. The address is 220 S. 12th Avenue.

On this special day, the Brophy Alumni will host a hamburger and hotdog barbeque to feed approximately 600 homeless men and women. About 25 volunteers are needed to grill and serve the barbeque as well as stocking the serving tables and cleaning up. The campus will provide all the necessary grills, tables and ice chests. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

You will not just be feeding the hungry; your presence and hospitality is a tremendous example of “Men for Others.”

If you are available, please email Mike Strittmatter at michael.strittmatter@cbre.com to coordinate available times.”